Wednesday 7 September 2011


Over the last few days Dad's have been on my mind. Probably because of this I keep finding and reading blogs about dads and what they mean to people.

I tried to write about mine but I can't yet.

I read Looking for blue sky and that really touched me

And then I read Adventures in Reality and that completely reduced me to floods of tears.

So to both of these bloggy friends, from the bottom of my heart I send my love and prayers and thoughts to you and your families. I hope I can manage to face my dads illness with a fraction of your grace.


Sandi said...

My dad turned 86 last Friday and it was Father's Day here on Sunday, whilst I was writing in his cards I became very sad and shed some tears for I feel that I won't have him for much longer, no reason as his health is good, just a feeling. He has always been a very fit man, walked or rode his bike everywhere, read and loved the crosswords in the paper, he did his Archilles tendon (playing cricket)around 5 years ago and he has gone down hill since then, has become stooped and slower, then he got macula disease in his eyes so his sight is failing, he can't read anymore and I feel so sad for him. He is a quiet, unasumming man who my children and his great granddaughter adore. I am glad that I am more like my dad than my mum!!
x Sandi

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Thank you auntiegwen xxxx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

And very best wishes to your Dad xxxx

Andy said...

Thank you AG, I suspect you'll have more courage than I when the time comes.

AGuidingLife said...

Lost my dad many years ago. Miss him everyday. But I treasure our last few months together. We took time to take time together. I have happy closure with my pain. Take the time. Love to you all xxx

libby said...

Wendy....watching our parents get old and frail is a scary time....and I know that it can constantly feel like 'waiting for the other shoe to drop'...the big bad thing is out there somewhere and will visit us when it will. I was feeling like you do when I wrote about my dad back in May, and all we can do is try to treasure each and every day we have with them now....I am sending thoughts and wishes to you and yours..xxxxx

Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your dads illness. Thinking about you all. xx

Sueann said...

I too lost my dad many years ago! It was sudden and unexpected. Wish I had more time with him. We were just beginning to know one another!
Sorry about your dad's illness!
Hugging you

Mrs Worthington said...

thinking of you.I've still got my Dad - he drives me nuts but I love him to bits and wouldn't have him any other way. my kids dont have a father in their lives any more and it casts a long shadow. Hope your dad is OK x

auntiegwen said...

Sandi - we have fathers day in June here, your dad sounds lovely, could you try talking books for him, would he like that?

LFBS - no worries, you're most welcome of welcomeness and thanks xxx

Andy - you seem pretty strong to me

S - thank you, I hope we can make the most of the time we have left xxx

Libs - thanks so much, I spend most days waiting for the next little challenge, I never know what's coming next xxx

Lolly - and all good thoughts to your mum too xxx

SueAnn - thank you, it must be hard to lose someone when you still have things to say and learn xx

Mrs W - my dad isn't as bad as some others but thanks and I'm sorry that your ex isn't involved, much love xx

Taz said...

((((Auntie Gwen)))))
My Dad died 7 years ago suddenly and with no warning there's not a day goes by that I don't miss him or wish I could get just one last hug.

auntiegwen said...

Taz - that's so sad isn't it/ I suppose when you have a known illness like we do we have the time to say all the things we need to. I'm sorry about your dad xxx