Wednesday, 28 November 2012

University Challenge

Once again, the time has come to pass, that your auntie has a wean who has to choose where to spend the next 3 years and several thousand pounds of your auntie's hard earned cash. Decision making is not a skill that is in abundance chez auntiegwen, we tend to be of the "aye, that'll do" sort so these kind of things tend to be a wee bit trickier for us. Than for regular humans, obviously.

This time it is the turn of The Beautiful Son, who is further challenged in this area by the fact that he doesn't really know what he wants to do when he gets there, except the usual studenty pursuits of drinking and partaying. So we try the "what kind of a career do you want?" type approach but that's not helped by the fact that my bold boy only wants to earn bucket loads of cash and boss people around. And no, it's not helpful hearing that it's because he lives with a bossy kind of mummy and 2 ferociously bossy sisters that that's his life dream.

So writing the personal statement was a bit of a stretch for him as he hasn't a peg to hook his coat onto, so to speak. And I didn't much care to be told, by his teacher, at parent's day, WHEN IT WAS TOO LATE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT (sorry about the lack of a rantie auntie middle aged woman warning) that she had red penned about 80% of it as he hadn't explained why he wanted to do management and the lack of any kind of relevant A levels. To make me reach further for the gin, himself tells her that he had sent off his statement anyway because he felt anyone helping him write it was kind of cheating. That's his view on revision also, it's about what he knows on the day, he's always been the same, drives me up the wall.

So, he writes the statement, failing to mention why he wants to be in management. For the love of God, my son a management consultant, the bitter irony of it, he'll probably drive a BMW as well (if you are new here, I have had a very chequered romantic history with either IT or management consultants who drive BMW's and are Virgo's or Gemini's.) He also has to boast a bit about why they should take his cash over his friend Craig's cash. This is hard, as Craig impressed our local MP on his visit to their A level politics class, that Craig got to spend a week as an intern at the Houses of Parliament. When Craig was there, my son was lying in bed, in his pants watching Rab C Nesbitt on youtube.

He then has to choose 5 universities, and to be fair to him, he visited 2 of the 5 and could locate on a map the other 3. And only 1 of them were chosen because they had a 2 week freshers.

So this control freak of a mummy has left him to his own devices pretty much, man, how that kills me and he now has offers from 4 of the 5, we have yet to hear from the last 1 but keep your fingers crossed as it's the one he really wants. And it's at home, if he gets in my boy will be going back to The Mother Country.

Little update - Edinburgh said yes, so 5 from 5, my boy will be going home


Andy said...

If he can get 4 offers out of 4 applications so far with an 80% red pen ratio, imagine what he'll be able to achieve with 3 years training behind him.

Watch out Branson.....

auntiegwen said...

A - aw jeez I hope he doesn't go with the beard thing

Trish said...

Good for him, sending off his personal statement anyway. I'm taking notes here as we'll be doing this next year. I'm surprisingly reassured :-)

auntiegwen said...

T - ah but Rory is a functuoning human, you'll be grand. And anyway himself has to get the A levels which might be trickier than he thinks with no revision

Sueann said...

Raiding kids is the hardest job we ever do!!!!!
Best of luck.

Nota Bene said...

I'm so glad he sent off his personal statement with no external interference....The Cat and The Boy spent hours, nay weeks on theirs with input from every possible 'expert'. The results were mostly gobbledygook, but supposedly just what the colleges want...hope he gets to spend three years in bed watching you tube, with only a degree and a large debt to show for it...

Ayak said...

I have a feeling he is going to do pretty well with his life, even though you have concerns. To send off his statement with no interference shows strength and independence. Let's hope he uses those qualities wisely.

auntiegwen said...

SueAnn - and my lot think they don't need any looking after and can't imagine why I'm permanently tired

NB - i will miss him muchly, barring horrible results it looks like he will really be going

Ayak - I hope so, he's grown up so much over the last year, becoming much more independent despite the fact I still have to cut his toenails!

libby said...

Fair play to the lad - he has his head screwed will all work out well in the end anyway....and it's not St Andrews is it?

AGuidingLife said...

We own the 'that'll do' gene too. Scares the nellies off me. Craig will probably turn out a complete a-hole whereas a lad with a keen interest in Rab and money....what could possibly go wrong?!

auntiegwen said...

Libs - nah back to point of origin - Edinburgh

K - well, we can hope!

Taz said...

Will he help me write mine, I have had some kind of mid life crisis and decided to go do the uni thing several decades late. The fact that the application form is proving too difficult should stop me really :/

No not having Mother - job is a great excuse for not having visitors, god knows what I'll do if i give it up.

Anonymous said...

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Looking for Blue Sky said...

My son is currently lying on the sofa in his pants watching something else on youtube (plants versus zombies last time I checked) and I imagine he will do exactly what he wants when it comes to college time too and I will have to cope with the meltdowns when it doesn't go to plan!

Here's hoping that the Beautiful Son will be heading over the border next year xx (I bet he will)

auntiegwen said...

T - I will send him forthwith, I warn you he eats A LOT

LFBS - plants vs zombies, ah nirvana to the young men!!!

Family affairs said...

Very pleased you're back and got exactly (well nearly) all the same problems as me - apart from perhaps an ex husband who monitors my posts to the point where I can't write anything of interest about anyone Lx

libby said...

Yay...well done lad!

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Sonya said...

Congrats to the Boy! Well done! I went through this same process the last 2 years in a row. Very painful. My eldest is at Uni in Halifax, NS and my younger daughter just started at St. Andrews in Economics and Math this past September. She has the intent to go into banking, God help us. She is loving it, actually, but I find the distance difficult.

auntiegwen said...

Lu - oh bummer, set up another private blog and send your bloggy mates the link, then you can write what you like in that one x

Libs - now Edinburgh have said yes he think he wants to go to Portsmouth as a few of his mates are going there, gawd elp me ! xx so after Xmas we are going down there for the weekend to have a look see

Sonya, ah bless, glad she's loving it but distance is hard, I'm at my most content when I have my full complement of offspring present, then they start the bickering and I'm pleased when one of them goes back to uni/into a bedroom to sulk/off to moan at their friends about their crap family !!!!

Anonymous said...

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Penelope Grey said...

Well done on your son getting offers from all five of his choices. My daughter wanted to do a course which is only taught at one university in the country, so choices were limited. The interview has taken place, a nod has been given but we are still waiting on the confirmation. They only take 24 students a year, so things are pretty tense here at this house!