Tuesday 5 March 2013

In which your auntie is bemused and confused ...yet again

In preparation for our house being shown to the general public (can you feel my terror oozing out t'internets at you?) I have had to tidy up, proper Kim and Aggie style tidy. This is difficult as we are clearly running the Leicestershire branch of slobs'r'us, get your slatternly habits ere. I can't even imagine it, ever, being presentable enough to actually sell. So I have had to channel my inner Anthea. This is difficult as my general default state is "can't be @rsed"

The husband is scared.

The children are very scared.

There is a whole rantie auntie post about the state of Beautiful Baby Daughter's bedroom and because I am a kind auntie I am not sharing the story, the photos and the smell with you. You're welcome.

Whilst clearing out 13 years worth of accumulated crap, I came across what I thought was an empty perfume gift box, you know the kind, the ones your granny gives you at Christmas. Anyhoo, I was all ready to recycle it but when I removed the plastic liner, I found a box of contraband, things my children would not have wished their mother to find, so had hidden in an empty box. There were things your auntie really did not want to even think about, never mind find.

In the middle of all the stuff they wouldn't want me to find was a harmonica.

Yes, that's right, a harmonica.

And that leads us neatly to why I was bemused and confused.


Andy said...

I know the full horror of this tale and yet I still laughed. Lots. You use the pen (or the pixelated equivalent) like a rapier.

libby said...

Every child has one hidden somewhere...I think it is a secret organisation........and I bet you had a little toot on it didn't you?x

auntiegwen said...

A - keep laughing, you're stuck with me/us

Libby - I can assure you I did no such thing, either on the contraband or the harmonica xx ps there was so much more in the box, will tell all when we see you, got to keep our friends coming to see us somehow!!!

libby said...

Lunch soon? when your friends come?xx

Nota Bene said...

Harmonica...blow job

Gigi said...

When we were packing up Man-Child to send him off to college, I decided we would do some Spring Cleaning in that pigsty he called a room. At one point, I told him I was taking a break and told him to get whatever he didn't want me to find and either pack it or toss it. Because I really, really don't want to know that my son is hiding a harmonica. That would have definitely confused and bemused me.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

At the moment I fear it's me that has stuff that I don't want the kids to find!

Looking for Blue Sky said...
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Helena said...

lol....My dad used to get harmonicas as other dads got socks each Christmas and I still have a couple in the attic somewhere. I suffered complimentary toddler-on-harmonica-induced migraines with each visit to Grampa's! But I guess there is that element of how DID that get there to fathom out when it comes to the old stowaway mouth organ!

Ayak said...

I'm utterly shocked that your kids should have a harmonica hidden away...whatever next :-)

auntiegwen said...

Libs - yes please, himself has bought a big paella pan that he has not tired of yet so please come and eat rice with us xx Lou & G will be thrilled to see you again

NB - indeed

Gigi - I know, why would they think that was worth hiding?

LFBS - ah yes, I fear I may have to tidy up my own contraband :)

Helena - all sorts of illicit and possibly illegal stuff and a harmonica, and I'm still puzzling on the harmonica

Ayak - wait till I have to de clutter the garage, fully expecting an orchestra in there!

sandiart said...

My mind went all over the place with this post.....harmonica indeed, and almost thought 'harmonica' meant something else over there lol....good luck with the garage
xx Sandi

Trish said...

How did I miss this post? Apologies for coming late to the party.
I always call a harmonica a mouth organ which always seems rather rude and should therefore be hidden away!