Friday 20 June 2014

mumsnet, I love thee, let me count the cost

I have spoken before of my deep love of mumsnet. I am still enamoured. I suspect the shine is going off it for mr auntiegwen aka mr adventures, although I don't think he can really claim to be mr adventures any more such is the pitiful amount of blogging ie none of late.

I am an ad man's dream. I am hugely suggestible. So if someone takes the time and trouble to log on and spout about how good something is, I am going to believe them.

To date I have bought on a mumsnet recommendation,

Sainsbury's luxury leggings  - best quality, last for ages, wash well
Branch 309 - ex display shoes form office and schuh -  we have bought 5 pairs from here, very good for cheap UGG boots, EBD got a fab £29 pair and I even persuaded my dad into the UGG slippers, which he loves
Lanacane ani chaffe gel - stop sniggering, it's apparently the same formula that Smashbox use in their make up primer and it is 1/3 of the price
Longchamp - La Pliage large shopper, fab bag and will take loads of work files plus all the assorted staff I need all day every day to survive
Tresseme 7 day keratin shampoo & conditioner - I have very soft and straight hair now

Yesterday I succumbed to Alpha H skin care - apparently it's brilliant for cleaning out your pores. I shall report back and let you all know. don't worry not with before and after pictures, I'm not that unkind.
I'm sure it's just displacement as I haven't bought the handbag despite the 30% off in the sale.

Today I am trying desperately not to buy a Morphy Richards 9 in 1 steam cleaner - they are the dog's apparently. I feel that getting excited about household appliances rather put me in the Per Una category.

Today I am going to stick to Am I being unreasonable, it's cheaper than chat & style & beauty. Say hi to wifeandmotherandlotsofother if you see me.


Andy said...

I'm not sure what the stuff you rubbed on my face the other night because you 'had some left over on the cloth' was, but I can report that my face hasn't chafed on anything and I'm quite happy with the state of my pores.

So either way, it's a winner.

Mrs Worthington said...

This is precisely why I cant look at brit mums too often because i will have no pennies left.

Helena said...

I'll have to try the Tresseme 7 day stuff. Not that I've had much success controlling my straw-like before, but even 2 days out of 7 would be a success!

Curry Queen said...

Shows how behind the times I am - I had no idea you could buy anything on Mumsnet!

Trish said...

Have made a note of Branch 309 - that sounds fab.
My son's girlfriend has a large Longchamps tote: I really do need to do better on the bag front.
Did you buy that one you were coveting the other week?

Looking for Blue Sky said...

How did I miss this? I didn't even know that Mumsnet did recommendations - kind of like Which? for free? I'm too late for the advice on the steam cleaner, as I have just ordered one...but I'd say that my daughter will be interested in some of the others!