Thursday, 1 February 2007

Technology part 2

Whilst rambling on here, I realised the time and knew I was going to miss "Mock the Week" asked EBD if she would tape it for me, response in the negative, she says she can't work the video. Complete disbelief on my part, but realisation of the futility of arguing with EBD and go and do it myself, she's watching skins on E4 and not too happy about missing a peko second of it while I tape MTW. Offer to show her how to work the video in case she wants some thing taped and she looks at me and says "Like I'm gonna need to know that for the future "


Helena said...

Isn't it wierd how the telly can be the worst thing to bicker over? But I must admit that apart from Judge Judy, I get moody if I miss Mock The Week. Funniest show on telly at the moment!

By the way my hubby hasn't a clue how to do anything but change channels! Bless him......!

auntiegwen said...

I must fess up Lena, I am a Judge Judy virgin. That's probably the only kind I am !!!

Am I missing something good?