Sunday, 4 February 2007

Weekend Blues

Feeling very sad this weekend. The beautiful son has gone snowboarding in Switzerland. It doesn't matter which one of my 3 is missing, it becomes eerily quiet without them. I don't like it when one of the chicks is missing from the nest.

Another reason to be sad is the fact we got beat at rugby yesterday, not a good day to be Scottish in England. You do feel such a prat when you have to sheepishly take down your Saltire you were proud to fly just a few hours before. Johnny feckin Wilkinson.


Helena said...

Ahhh, that eerie silence without them. Men seem to enjoy it and hope it lasts. I tend to watch the clock until they're safely returned...*sigh* Snowboarding sounds wonderful, however!

Johnny feckin Wilkinson? Brilliant! I know someone who'd adore that on the front of a tee shirt, Gwen! lol

auntiegwen said...

Awh Lena

You do get it.His rooms too tidy and it doesn't smell of him any more, I've got used to eau de small boy !!

Never mind he's back on Saturday.