Monday 7 May 2007

Driving Mummy Mental

It is a given that I love my children, I cannot articulate how much my 3 mean to me. They all have their moments but I usually manage not to get bent out of shape by them. This is my disclaimer.

This past week has been tricky, I went through a red light, I'm busy at work, I am writing a new course to start next month, been asked to prepare another course for Sept and with the course I am currently teaching, I spend more time doing paperwork, lesson plans, Rarpa documentation etc than I actually do teaching, and then the news to gladden any teachers heart, Ofsted are a comin. Yaay, cue the gospel chorus singing "Oh happy days" !

The beautiful son and his maddest mate have been making kids jackass videos and posting them on google. This involves them doing all sorts of STUPID stuff including jumping off bikes at high speeds, hitting each other in the nuts and climbing out of upstairs windows, you get the picture. This is not the stupidest thing they've done but it sets the scene for you.

On Friday TBS had his maddest mate to sleep over, they wanted to sleep in the lounge so they could look for naked women on the tv late at night. No problem. Next morning I get up at 7.30 am and on 1 sofa I have TBS fast asleep under his duvet. On the other sofa no one, no maddest mate, no duvet. I go upstairs to check if MM has slept in TBS room, bed empty, check the whole house no MM. Trying not to scream I wake up TBS who has no clue where MM is. Then I see a note been pushed through the front door. It's from MM mother apologising, MM couldn't get to sleep, so packed up all his kit and walked home at half past midnight in his pyjamas......

So this daftest of daft small boys chose not to tell anyone as he didn't want to disturb us as we were all asleep, didn't phone his own parents, just arrived home and banged on his door till his mother woke up and let him in, leaving my front door unlocked all night. His mother came round and left me the note as she didn't want to wake up the whole house by ringing. I don't even want to think what could have happened to him on his own at that time of night.

Never in my wildest dreams did I worry about losing a child from my home, I said goodnight to them, locked the doors and went to bed. No one would think that an 11 year old boy would go home in the middle of the night without telling anyone. You should really expect the unexpected with this boy though.

So let me remind you what I do for a living. I teach childcare and parenting skills.


lisa q. said...

oh sheesh auntiegwen! you poor thing! you must have been frantic! i've never lost one but i did threaten to send one particularly nasty one home in the middle of the night once...and i teach for a living too!

Anonymous said...

Oh AuntieGwen!!!! Me heart breaks for you. But this is a preteen boy remember and preteens and teenagers think they is the baddest things god put on earth and nothing could ever happen to them. They is just to tough blah blah blah. Me own loving boy all 16 years old of him was at a buddy's for the night and me wakes up at 5 in the morning to find him in his bed. How did he get from one end of town to the other. He walked home at 3 in the morning!!!!!! Me could have killed him. Mind you he did tell his Mad Buddy that he was leaving so me knew he was on his way. GRRRR, KIDS!!!!! Can't live with um, can't live without um and ya go to jail for live for killing them the little buggers!!!!!! LOL.

Sorry for the scare ya got. Here's a big HUGS coming at ya. Hope it makes ya feel better

Helena said...

I can't stop giggling at your last two lines Gwen. Oh, the irony! Sometimes they can be a little too 'considerate' the Jackass jnr squad! Must have given you a scary moment or two, though!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY Auntie Gwen.. Hopes ya has a good one