Thursday 31 May 2007

What I did on my visit to The Mother Country

Arrived back safely from the Mother Country. Had a good time as always, the beautiful parents are well as is the beautiful sister and her family. Had a very squiffy night out in Edinburgh on Saturday, your auntie had FOUR glasses of the red falling down stuff, visited some fave old haunts including The Living Room and some new ones Tiger Lily and a really lovely Thai restaurant called Ducit's. I had to have a fairly quiet day on Sunday to recover from the 4 glass Saturday however, I am such a wuss.

I have spent SO much money again, my credit card bill was so bad I couldn't even blog it this month. Splurges have included a mini meltdown in White Stuff, fabulous, fabulous high heeled wedges (2 pairs) in a shop I have just discovered in Glasgow called Aldo, white jeans ala Liz Hurley, 8 books, 2 new handbags and I managed to get my hands on the sold out, it's so hot you'd swop your granny for it Protect and Perfect serum. Serious shopping indeed.

The real big spend is my new mobile telephone, it is very very what splendid and the Eldest Beautiful Daughter is tres tres jealous. It does everything except bring you a cup of tea in the morning. EBD keeps muttering on that I only ring 3 people a month and I text like a granny, so what is the point of me having such a sexy phone. Today I watched a slide show of the beautiful children, surfed the internet on it AND downloaded the Sex and the City theme tune as my ring tone, how good is that ? Auntie Gwen's cup of happiness runneth over.

A big thank you to all my friends and family who made the time to see me and if you didn't make time to see me, then shame on you.


lisa q. said...

yay! auntigwen's back! sounds like a wonderful time...can i just say i am as jealous as EBD...ah you are truly a girl after my own heart you little shopper you...

oh and definitely a deal...orlando is yours and i get both my johnnys!!! i can die happy now!

welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Glad to have ya back. And me is jealous too. LOL. But shame on me?? How was me to get over there to visit ya?? HMMM. Maybe TG would has given me a flight on the end of his foot?? LOL

Glad ya had a great time. Enjoy the glow and worry about the credit card later. LOL. Don't let it spoil the afterglow of yer holiday for god's sake woman!!!!