Friday 18 January 2008

Decorative not Functional

The Eldest Beautiful Daughter is not the daftest of weans but this week she has surpassed herself in the stupidity of her comments.

" We watched The 2 Ronnies today in history " when I queried this I was told " Yeah, we were doing 1920 s America" okay, Mummy s still not convinced and explained who The 2 Ronnies are, then the killer " It was black and white and there were 2 men, 1 tall and skinny and a short fat 1 with a bowler hat and a moustache " ah, that'll be Laurel and Hardy then.

" Hollyoaks raises some serious issues"

and my very very favourite

" Could you put a baby on a motorbike ? " when met with my incredulous gaze ammended to " What even if it's in it's car seat ? "

Who says teenagers of today are stupid ?


DAB said...

They make you smile, they also have no concept of irony...TFx

lisa q. said...

haha...too funny! :D

Squirmy Popple said...

I'd like to know what serious issues Hollyoaks raises. Any ideas?

Karen said...

Oh my god, that's so funny. Mine come out with stuff like that all the time. Teen son once asked if it was against the law to kick a bible.
Hollyoaks does raise some serious how can you possibly get on with your homework while IT'S ON?

Poetess said...

Hi Aunty Gwen

Very funny. These teenagers of ours come out with some real corkers.

Wish I was that funny.


auntiegwen said...

Oh it's a laugh a minute in my life, between home and school, I am surrounded by teenagers and their thoughts !!!