Friday 16 May 2008

Feel Good Friday

Oh yes, said in the Churchill dog's accent. I love Fridays, I really do, my favourite day of the week. Today, I am particularly chipper. Porquoi ? I hear you ask

Ar school on Friday's we have Feel Good Friday, where if we pay £1 we can dress down. The money goes to our sister school in Africa, so you get to feel good about helping out a school who have so little and you get to wear your jeans (and we all know your sad auntie only likes to be in jeans or jammies)

I only teach till lunchtime, leaving the afternoon completely free for Starbucking, shopping, lunching or any kind of ing !!!!

After tea, my children will be going to stay with their other parent for the weekend ( this doesn't happen every Friday ) but nice when it does. And that's today.

So tonight I have an "empty" ......... score

Tomorrow, I am going on a wee trip to Bicester shopping village.

Tomorrow night I am off out on the town, that will probably follow the pattern of the last few jollies and the most fun I'll have will be the getting ready, but no worries.

On Sunday, I am going on a nice longish run as last night at running club I got a form to enter my very first race. Yes, that's right, your auntie, the least competitive woman in the world, is going to compete.

Hope whatever you do today makes you happy.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Yes I love Friday's too - such a great feeling isn't it? I'm not a shopper - the gene passed me by - but I have to admit to liking Bicester shopping village but yoy do have to be reasonable normal weight size as so much stuff is designer size 0!

Have fun and you've done something I'm too fat to do right now and that is to join a running club. We just replaced all of our gym equipment at home so come Monday - we kickstart our fitness programme. Just having our 'last hurrah' this weekend!

Good luck with the running

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Oops when I said you have to be reasonable normal size because everything is a size 0 - I didn't mean that 0 is a normal size but that everything starts at 0 and goes up to a 12 at most! Just for the recod in case you thought I was an advocate of the concentration camp look.

lisa q. said...

yay friday!!! this one is even better because it's the last friday of the school year...2 days of final exams next week, a work day and i am freeeeee for the summer...definitely celebrating this weekend! woot! woot!

ME said...

I love the Feel Good Friday idea! Yikes, I could never run, unless teh boogie man was chasing me. Good for you!

Mean Mom said...

It never leaves you, does it, that Friday feeling and also, of course, that late Sunday evening feeling? Hope you had a good Friday evening and a good day shopping at Bicester. Fingers crossed for the race!

Thanks for your kind comment at my place. I was beginning to doubt myself, to be honest!

Gwen said...

Thanks for the reminder Auntie Gwen. My new blog post is written, but due to the vagaries of technology it will not be posted for another hour!!! Watch this space and it will come eventually. Please note that this is not meant as any sort of double entendre!!

auntiegwen said...

Mob - good luck with the fitness programme

Lisa- enjoy the summer, will you be coming to stay with me ?

Craze - it's a form of damage limitation and being vain enough to still want to fit into my jeans

Mean Mom - thanks, I might even blog the credit card bill, I really did shop !!!

Gwen - welcome back, we did miss you