Saturday 10 May 2008



I did have my hair cut, please see photo and tell me if you like the shortest hair I have had in years.

I demented Eldest Beautiful Daughter by making her take several photos of me as I want to get a wee picture of me beside my name when I comment, I still can't do that, please tell me how to.

I went to a hen night and was the most sober there by a gazillion miles ( and I had 3 glasses, you'll hear more of that later)

I sorted out a lovers tiff by making someone on the corresponding stag do, text his girlfriend ( I had to speak to him on the phone as I was the most sober one there)he had not told her he's arrived in Newcastle and she was feeling a bit teary and neglected.

I spent 45 minutes with a very tearful woman talking her out of ending it all, she tried to run out into the road and I had to get her back, poor poor thing she was so unhappy, mixed with shed loads of alcohol, lethal combination. I went to the loo and when I came back she was enthusiatically snogging some random bloke !

Even though I was the most sober one there, I agreed to join my marathon running friend and the bloke she runs with (he owns the restaurant we were in) in running the Berlin Marathon in 18 months time. Oh yes, I can stretch my 3 miles into 26, nae bother to your auntie, completely do able....

See what happens when I go out, Jesus, Mary and Holy Saint Joseph, I really am much better off at home, much less eventful.


Neil said...

1. Ask EBD to take photo.
2. Ask EBD to upload photo to computer and file somewhere memorable.
3. Log on to Blogger
4. Look for 'Edit Profile' option on dashboard.
5. Should be an option to upload a photo... perhaps a 'browse' button so you can search for photo in 'memorable' filing area?
6. Bob's yer uncle...
7. Gwen's yer aunt(ie)

indigo16 said...

You call that short? It looks lovely. and now you are a fully trained counselor, brilliant night out!

auntiegwen said...

Edge - thank you sweetie, I did this ALL BY MY OWN SELF, with advice from you obv, d'you think we can take over the world ?

Alison - it was like being young again, all pissed and tearful, but with better shoes and more wrinkles !

DAB said...

It looks great:)26 miles! sit down woman, have a glass of wine or two! TFX

Working Mum said...

Now I know what you look like! Hair looks great to me, but then mine is usually all over the shop in randomly lengthed layers (I kid myself it doesn't have to be kept neat if it isn't cut neat)

Hen parties after the age of 25 are a no-no - this is a secret rule you don't know until you go to one and find you are the sober, serious one making sure everyone gets home OK. Nowadays I send a bottle to them and drink one myself at home, much less stressful.

lisa q. said...

Oh sweetie! You look fabulous! Sounds like an eventful night out. Much more so than mine, that's for sure!

auntiegwen said...

TF - got a nice bottle of prosecco blush chilling in the fridge as we speak

WM - good call, I am always the sober sensible one with that lot

Lisa - come visit honey, I'll keep you entertained

Dusty Spider said...

Love the hair cut. Must have been very long before!! As for running a marathon - have a sit down and a proper think about that one. Think of your knees!!! Ouch! Flick x

Helena said...

Love the hair, Gwen! You're a gorgeous gal!

That length's about all my untamed mane ever seems to grow to - no matter how much Miracle Grow I squirt on!

Hopefully the next hen night you attend will be a bit less daunting!

auntiegwen said...

Flick - I know, but I am trying to break out of my very hum drum sort of existence, trying to attempt new things

Lena, ta hen, well it def won't be my hen night that's for sure, all this running and haircutting and not a sniff of a man in sight for me, only wee boys are interested at present, send me a nice man please Lena, I'll not break him, honest