Friday 13 November 2009

Reasons me no likey November

It is a month of memories for me. Every week in November I have a painful anniversary. I am always at my lowest possible emotional state this month.

I think it's totally unreasonable that I can't just fast forward and miss the whole month out, I don't mind October and even though I'm mad busy I still enjoy December

My failsafe cure for the glums of sticky toffee pudding and low fat custard, (the low fat part is ESPECIALLY important) just adds to my glumness of my general lardiness.

My less calorific cure for the glums gives me a hangover.

It's always dreich.

I can't get my washing dried outside and I HATE using a tumble drier.

I can't get out and run because it only seems to be not raining and not dark when I'm at work (adding to the lardiness, adding to the glumness).

It gets dark at feck it's early o'clock, I hate it being dark at tea time.

People start using the C word and we know auntie no likey that till December.

I get slightly panicky that I will not be able to fund the C word.

This is the last Christmas I will have all 3 of my children living with me and as I type this I can't see for tears.


scrappysue said...

OH MY GOD! this is the last christmas i'll have all my children living with ME and i only just realised it now when i read it here! how did i miss that???

indigo16 said...

Just the threat of having to stay at home whilst at college has been enough to make Daisy work hard enough to try and get into York. Like you I find it all very emotional, I keep think this will be the last this, the last that.
Ditto your hatred of November and as for C shopping, not something I ever look forward to, unless it is buy one, buy two for me!

Anonymous said...

You could, if you want to, list opposites.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a pretty sucky month. Having said that, I have faith in your ability to get through and enjoy what you can about it.

Here's to you surviving November. :)

Laura said...


Anonymous said...

((HUGS)) TFx

Shirley said...

Definitely a sucky month. I'd gift you with the "Toblerone of the Month Club" but the subsequent lardiness would probably out-weigh the endorphins gained. So sorry, love. Empathizing with you big time.

Madame DeFarge said...

Boy, November sounds like a barrel of laughs. Shall we fast forward to January and miss out all the icky bits?

Anonymous said...

The C word? Coat? Curse? Cackle? Chappaquiddick? Cocaine?

Expat mum said...

Yeah but,yeah but - I left home at 18 to go to uni, didn't get married till 28 and therefore was at home for Xmas every year till then. Don't fret pet.

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

I seem to have been caught up with the statement, of course my child is going to uni and most of the comments say the same. Just stop for a cotton pickin minute! Unless child is focused on a particular career that requires a degree always examine all the options, with all the apprentice roles and lots of other ideas uni can cost a bomb and even more if they drop out, be warned!

Squirmy Popple said...

November is crap, I agree - here's to hoping that December will be better!

OhMyMissRebeccaJane said...

I have a plan..spend November's here!..It's almost summer, I'm on and Island and while you're here we could eat fattening dessert with low fat custard, drink till we start regretting drinking and perv at cute men down by the sea? ;)

In all seriousness though, you know I relate to everything you just wrote.
Hugs x

auntiegwen said...

Sue - sorry to spread the glum around

Alison - we are united in low level misery, have a hug (x)

Secretia - oh no I like a wee moan every now and again

Matthew - aw thanks for spreading the love x

Lolly - right back atcha kid x

TF - thnaks sweetie x or even thanks x

Shirley - ta muchly hen and for the emails xx

Madame - I would end up fast forwarding much of my life if I could

Dutchy - nope but I'd take a couple of them if you have some spare

Expat Mum - I know she'll be back but it's the going that upsets me

Frankie - I know but she def needs to go, sadly xx

Katie - dec will be good, I'll be in The Mother Country

Becca - I'll happily come visit xx