Tuesday 27 April 2010

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

As if to prove my point about Hot Boy fitting right in with us, this happened yesterday.

Eldest Beautiful Daughter has decided I need a romance. She feels an amour will keep me occupied enough not to be in her room on a hourly basis asking how her A level revision is getting on. Hot Boy proffers up Justin the accountant in his office.

Gist of text messages sent between EBD and Hot Boy

How old demands EBD


Is he a BMW driver?

Nope, Lexus, Hot Boy's seen it in the car park

How tall?

6 foot 2 ish

Has he hair?

Yep, light brown

Is he fat ?

Sideways he's got a bit of a gut

What's his starsign?


Is he good looking?

He's ok, he's really funny though

Would my mum like him?

He doesn't look like or act like your dad

That's okay, but she is quite fussy, don't let on to him what we're up to till I've had a squint at him

Lara, I keep going in his office, making him stand up, turn sideways, checked him for baldness and asked him his starsign, he knows somethings going on, but I'll try and take a sneaky pic of him before end of work.

Oh my God, see what we've done, we've turned him as stone mad as the rest of us


libby said...

See .. we seek each other out with a special sense that normal people don't have!...SO.. the accountant..hotboy needs to ask 'is he gay/married?' and then whatever version of your particular deal breaker would be...

Jon Storey said...

This is getting far too complicated for my simple brain!

Nota Bene said...


Miss Close said...

Ah, bless Hot Boy going on this little mission, even if it's not been exactly subtle!
First time I've ever posted on here but I'm a regular reader, keep up the good work auntiegwen!
And tell your daughter that all the revision stress is well worth it, I'm in my first year of Uni now and I absolutely love it :)

AGuidingLife said...

Ha! I had someone stand up and spin round on a bank of desks 2 away from me so person on bank of desks 3 away (in opposite direction) could check him out!! It's amazing what blokes will do if they think there is the chance of a date in it!!!! PS : do this mean I also fit your family mold?! I do hope that y'all don't rub off so much on hot boy that he becomes irrepairable!!!!

Madame DeFarge said...

That's sweet, but I sense displacement from revision.

Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst said...

I think Hot Boy is a lost cause now, he is lost to the madness that is Auntie Gwen & Co...

Shirley said...

Who needs a dating service when you have Hot Boy?!

Hey, I just noticed you've hit the big 5-0! (Followers, not age. Not starting any rumors here.) Congratulations!

Mrs Worthington said...

can hot boy get dates for the rest of us?

Little Red Hen said...

Never a dull moment at your house.

Laura said...

ok so are you going out one a date with sidways gut man?

diney said...

very funny! Would love to see a photo of poor guy with sideways gut and no hair....

Rarelesserspotted said...

'fussy...' I can't see that somehow, 'discerning' is a good word

Expat mum said...

I think the real test is whether his suspicions are at all aroused by the onslaught of weird questions and sidelong glances.

outdoor.mom said...

you are hilarious! i'm sure i'll be that way too when my kids meet people ;-)

Kitty Moore said...

That's hilarious - I like hot boy! x

auntiegwen said...

Libby - you always find one of your own don't you? xxx

Jon - too complicated for me too

NB - he is rather

Helen - welcome, welcome, welcome, thanks for your kind words, I just hope she does enough to get where she wants :)

Kellogsville - oh yes, you'll fit right in :)

Madame - severe displacement

BMTA - oh yes, one more for team auntie

Shirley - oh yes, freewheeling to 50 that's me :) They say it's the new 30...

Mrs W - I'll ask him, to be fair, he's only 20 so most of them will be in that age range, if that doesn't worry you then you're good to go

LRH - ah yes, the cabaret of my life! only funny when you're not living it :)

Lolly - no, I'm rubbish at dates, you all know that!

Diney - no, you really wouldn't !

RLS - nope I'm just plain old fussy

Expat Mum - I know, poor hot boy having to go back into work !

Outdoor Mum - it's great that they bring friends round and we all get on, it really helps with teens :)

Kitty - ah yes Hot Boy is much loved here :)