Thursday 1 July 2010

My little cyber shelf of nice things

Despite being hugely crap at passing on awards, tags and meme's I am lucky enough to get them. I really do appreciate them but my huge "I'm not worthy" complex seems to make it difficult for me to display them, so they go on my little cybershelf of nice things.

Pathetic creature that I am, I'm scared I'd hurt someones feelings if I didn't tag or award them, so please consider that any award/tag/meme that's around on my blog as yours if you'd like them. What's mine is yours, with the exception of fruit and nut toblerones and David Tennant, obviously.

The very lovely Ayak who writes about her life in Turkey, my second home, send me this. I am slightly scared that the only thing that is heartfelt is the need for the fruit and nut toblerones and the David. Note to self, be less shallow.

Then my little cup of cyber joy continues to overflow when the very lovely Mrs Boo, who delights me with her witty and stylish proper writing send me this, again not really deserved as I think I should get a medal for getting 3 posts a week out, quite often herself will do that in a day, I am an absolute slacker compared to her.

and the very lovely Becky, another proper writer who puts me to shame gave me this.

I have to give you some honest facts, I feel almost certain I cannot have anything left at all that you don't know, I give you way too much honest stuff, remember the one about the grey hair, oh dearie me.

Hot Boy and I are going to get a tattoo together, this is completely his idea, I'm not sure if we are doing feet or arse, no difference at all. Yes, I agree it's slightly weird to go get a tattoo with your daughter's boyfriend.

I have a very Scottish surname, I get really pissed off when people don't spell it correctly. It starts MacK and goes on. After having a child at that school for 8 feckin years, I returned Beautiful Baby Daughters report card with the correct spelling of her name in red pen, I actually wanted to write it on the teacher's forehead. I hate saying M a c capital K, but I do, over and over again.

I hate my legs, with a passion, I hardly ever wear skirts.

I am scared to do twitter

I am thinking of organising a big bloggy meet up, I've been lucky enough to meet some of you already and Libby, you will never get rid of me now, we are friends forever, no back backers. If I do, will you all come?

I am officially the worst singer in the world, bar none.

I get mildly stressy until I've reached my destination, I worry about missing planes.

Despite the blogging, I am extremely private and even secretive by nature, it's the anonymity thing that makes it easy to put my stuff out there.

I worry about my future, quite a lot, I earn a pittance and my stay at home fit my life round the kids life didn't set me up well for a healthy financial future post divorce.

Despite all the low level worries and crap life throws at me, I'd still rather have my life than anyone elses and I am supremely and utterly grateful for my life because I have it and I'm living it. Remind me of that if I start to bump my gums too much.

I'll probably be packing up to get home by the time you read this, so wish me a lovely last few days and I'll give you some gratuitous holiday porn when I get back.


Becky said...

Lol Gwen . Good to see this. I tried twitter for about 2 weeks, then found it intensly irritating ! Blogger is nice though isn't it and a bloggers meet up sounds awesome ! Have a good flight back x

Working Mum said...

Ha ha - I love the idea of your returning the report card - I have the same problem with daughter's first name, but in reverse - she has the English spelling, but people keep using the Scottish! Hope you've had a good holiday and lete know about that get together! WM x

Jon Storey said...

Great awards, grab them all as well deserved!

The boy's girlfriend has a tattoo so missed my chance there.

The Children's Mother (and children) has a Scottish surname and is constantly infuriated by the incorrect spelling.

Well, you've seen my legs!

What's Twitter?

I'm not normally allowed out after 6pm but would try and sneak away!

No your'e not, it's the Children's Mother!

I signed the Official Secrets Act 30 years ago and have been paranoid about telling anyone, anything ever since! Oops! I just broke the law by telling you that...!

I don't even earn a pittance but thankfully The Children's Mother feeds me most days so that I have the energy to do the washing and hoovering!

I would hope that I love my life but some day's I have to think about it......

Looking forward to the holiday porn!

Sueann said...

Oooooo! Holiday porn! My heart is all aflutter!
Congrats on the awards!!!
My mom had to correct the spelling of my name as well. And even the pronunciation of it!! I mean how can one muck up "Sue"?? But they insisted on calling me Susan!!!! Ha!
Have a safe trip home...see you soon!

diney said...

Well deserved awards! My surname is fairly simple and people ALWAYS mispronounce it which drives us all NUTS!!! If a cold caller rings and opens his spiel with Mrs mispronounced surname then he has lost me before he has even started as I crossly correct him and terminate the conversation. Legs? I have the same hang up (named my novel after mine!) and if I ever have another life on earth I will insist that I have beautiful pins so I can wear short skirts and shorts with impunity and pride! Have a great hol x PS I don't tweet either - who has the time?!!!

Gigi said...

My name is butchered constantly. In fact ManChild learned to spell our name before he could even read from hearing me repeat it over and over and over.....

I used to hate Twitter too, but once I figured out how to use it on the computer vs. the phone - I can see how addicting it is.

Hope you had a lovely vacation and can't wait to see the holiday porn!

Rarelesserspotted said...

You get my award for just being who you are and yet despite your honest and perhaps self deprecating assessment, you have given so much light, inspiration and thought provoking blogs to make us all sit up and have a good think about ourselves, something this blog has made me do today. I'm really glad you'd rather have your life than anyone elses. Looking forward to the gratuitous holiday porn... erm I mean holiday snaps.

katyboo1 said...

It ate my bloody post. Bugger. Anyway. Yes, have a lovely last few days please. Ta very much for being so nice about me. Also I too am afraid of Twitter, and if you're doing a blog meet in real life, yes please.

libby said...

Twitter? are you demented with too much turkish delight? A bloggy meet sounds good though ...and glad you got some awards. Have a lovely rest of the holiday..speak soon x

AGuidingLife said...

I shall pop round for my porn....what it's not that kind of meet up ...ahhh...thought I remember that in an old post...must have got it wrong! ;0) hope you had a nice break

Ayak said...

I've never considered Twittter either..I'm also scared. It's taken me ages to get used to Facebook and I still don't understand it properly.

A meet up would be never know we could meet up in Turkey one day as the bus service is so good.

Oh and I also can't wait for the holiday porn!!

Fondant Kiss said...

Gwen you soooo deserve your awards and more! Your blog is amazing and very "sit up and see" provoking. Thankyou for your comments on my own blog, very much appreciated.
Get them porny details written asap! (to cheer me up of course)
Deb x

The Accidental Author said...

My son has an Irish name which is spelt the Irish (and proper) way but everyone insists on spelling it the anglicized way and when he corrects them he gets comments like 'why do you spell it like that' (well, because that's how its supposed to be) Then we moved to France where nobody could even pronounce it, let alone spell it. He spent 5 years being everything from Sharon to Kevin. He'll be out of therapy soon I should think! I'm afraid to Twitter too - but more afraid that it will take over my life....

Madame DeFarge said...

Love this list. Hope your holiday is truly fab and look forward to your return. Unless you meet David T out there, in which case, I won't expect to hear from you ever again.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

Congratulations on your awards.

Loved the facts.

Hope you have a terrific holiday.


A Woman Of No Importance said...

OOh, a bloggy meet, and the chance to meet Libby and you and the other wonderful ones - Count me in!

As for the holiday porn, Grizz is alone with 18 18 year old mates in Zante right now - I don't dare look at his FB page!

I'm in the same spot as you, work-wise, hen! Those barstewards... Love to you, have wonderful hols! xox

auntiegwen said...

Sincerest apologies to all for the very late reply to your very kind comments. There is no excuse for my tardiness, my name is auntiegwen and I am a bad, bad blogger...

Becky - if you're game we must definitely do a meet up x

WM - lovely, I'll look forward to meeting you

Jon - I love the fact you do the hoovering ! and I so want to know about the official secrets act

SueAnn - I'll get a shift on with the holiday porn then :)

Diney - and I always meet men who love legs and get disappointed in mine :( poor poor me

Gigi - another tweeter, lordy I'm so not one of the cool kids

RLS - I enjoyed your holiday porn muchly xx

Mrs Boo - I only live about 20 minutes away from you so you should be easy peasy to meet

Libby - I know, I've not done anything about the twitter, I hardly update my facebook !

Kellogsville - if you want porn, I will try my best to provide porn !!!

Ayak - I'll be back for 10 days in October, if it's at all possible I'd love to meet up xx

Deb - I will get on with the holiday porn xx

PVLIF - oh dear poor lad, has he forgiven you for the name?

Madame - if I ever did meet David Tennant you can be assured that every single detail would be available in glorious technicolour, probably I'd never write about anything else ever again!

Suzanne - I did, so peaceful and lovely in every way xx

Fhina - we'd love to meet you, yep avoid the FB pages, remain in mummy denial land with your auntie xx