Tuesday 20 July 2010

This week we have been mainly...

Relaxing after school finished - The Beautiful Son has done half of his GCSE's and has not a bother on him. Contrasting beautifully with the month of cross shouty screaming that characterised Eldest Beautiful Daughter's GCSE's. However, she was only marginally mental this time, and now has officially left school.

Looking for a summer job - ha ha ha ha I put that in to save you the trouble of laughing for yourself. Eldest Beautiful Daughter has extensive experience in lip gloss application, sleeping till noon and tormenting Hot Boys with her utter gorgeousness. I know, I'm stunned no one wants to employ her either.

Feeling old - because I am. I also bought new kitchen knives, it's hard to keep this reckless middle age streak at bay.

Romancing - The Beautiful Son has a girlfriend, Facebook told me. I told you. His sisters can't wait to meet her and get their revenge on him. Hot Boy is partcularly looking forward to wandering around in his pants and sitting on his bed talking loads and putting paid to any snogging that may be going on. He's waited quite a long time for that. I met her, she's beautiful and he was touchingly worried that I would like her. I do, she's not quite as mad as the rest of us, but we can work on that.

Romancing part 2 - Eldest Beautiful Daughter and Hot Boy still joined at the hip (steady now) and he adores her and it's so lovely to see. She had 2 years of on off with the Matthew. And that wasn't always fun for those that had to live with her.

Romancing part 3 - Beautiful Baby Daughter's friends seem to be getting interested in boys. She's not. She's slightly out of step with her friends. This isn't always fun for those of us who have to live with her. I am playing a lot of board games with her. I hate board games.

Romancing part 4 - oh come on, there's only me left, even Mystic Meg's given up on me.


Elderberry-Rob said...

wish my oldest would discover girls - he gets a lift off this gorgeous 18 year old who thinks he's cute - she takes him to their youth group twice a week with her two beautiful sisters and he cringes in case anyone sees him in a car full of girls - little does he know every 16 year old male in a mile radius probably wonders what he's got that they haven't (the hots). Betty x

Jon Storey said...

What a lovely piece, really enjoyed it.

Our eldest, the boy is desperately seeking the mother substitute in case he has to leave home!

Eldest girl, just not interested in boys, insisting she hasn't time....

Youngest girl, paranoid about catching germs, even from door handles so boys have no chance! I expect she will die a virginal spinster, of or more probably come home tonight, pregnant!

Ordering a new phone today, I am not allowed new kitchen knives.........

Ayak said...

No...no...no....you mustn't give up on you and romance..I have a feeling it's waiting just around the corner.

Sueann said...

Sounds like the cupid is alive and well in your home! One of my four granddaughters has a steady. The others are still waiting (looking) and are amused at the middle gorgeous one's newest affection.
I am not a fan of board games either...so good luck!!

Style At Every Age said...

Loved reading this it sounds like my house. Uni girl has got a boyfriend from Uni - Facebook told me! She stayed at his house last week in another County and he had added me as a Facebook friend shortly after they first met, then suddenly last Wednesday I logged on to see FB said "Joe Bloggs is in a relationship" so I assumed that meant Uni Girl!

indigo16 said...

I sent Daisy to Canary Wharf with 30 CV's, she handed out ....3
I too feel your pain.
We also found out her relationship staus via facebook, which since I don't have an account meant I really was 'the last to know'
I pray Kitty stays boy free until after her GCSE's and to that end I am taking your advice and investing in some boardgames!

Shiny said...

Facebook... you've got to love it's stalking capabilities. How did we find these things out before? x

libby said...

Wish I could go back and be a teenager again..and obviously know the things I know now...things would be very different in this old womans life that's for sure...and AG you know I am thinking this is just the lull before a beautiful storm for you..

Gigi said...

What?! EBD's extensive experience in lip gloss application isn't an appreciated skill?

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Here's wishing that the tide of romance spreads through the whole auntiegwen homestead, with love and happiness for all xx

Shirley said...

I'm thinking it's a very good thing that you and BBD aren't in the throes of romance. SOMEbody's gotta stabilize the ship!

Working Mum said...

Sleeping till noon, applying lipgloss and tormenting hot boys? A born barmaid!! (Helped keep debts at bay when I was a student)

Taz said...

I haven't hit the romancing stage with big one yet - thanks be!!
Wee one however is on about her 12th romance - much rolling of eyes as she's only 9 :)
As for me and romance - does it count if I buy myself flowers?

St Michael's Church is lovely I'm sure your neice's wedding was just beautiful x

auntiegwen said...

Mrs Y - enjoy it while it lasts !

Jon - enjoy your new phone, ps would youngest daughter like to come for a visit here? she's fit right in with my daughters x

Ayak - I'm not very good at it though, I want it (I think) then if I get it I'm a bit pants at it to be honest

SueAnn - I wonder how much of our lives we've spent doing board games or should that be bored games? x

Mrs Fab - that's how i get all my information

Alison - EBD says a minute not spent moaning about her getting a job is a minute wasted for me, fairly true

Shiny - I know, I must have known nothing x

Libby - I will stick with friends and family, you know how I attract the confused ones, not got the energy for figuring it all out xx

Gigi - I know, some people have no appreciation :)

LFBS - I think 2 out of 4 is as much as we can cope with :) xx

Shirley - indeed, much much easier

WM - yep, she is probably great barmaid material :)

Taz - I think all women should have flowers, I find them very cheering and if you buy your own you always get ones you like (I'm quite fussy about flowers, again another classic example of why I shouldn't date, far too fussy for my own good)

Helena said...

Love is certainly in the air in your gaff, whereas it's fermenting socks and extra Lynx in mine!

lol.....those summer jobs are a great idea - hey hoe!

Mind you, that's a month of school holidays almost passed here. It's been s-l-o-w.

We could swap the board games for drum practice if you like.....?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

I can see into my crystal ball, and there is definitely happiness (and not a little madness) in your future, Gwennie...

We wouldn't have it any other way.

I love what you said about the boy's new girlfriend - Very charming.

Mwah! Take care x

Madame DeFarge said...

It's only a matter of time until DT comes calling and sweeps you off your feet. I am entirely confident (and deluded).

auntiegwen said...

Lena - you'd be glad to get them back after a gazillion games of cluedo

Fhina - aawh bless you, you are such a sweetie xxx

Madame - confident/deluded, much the same thing in my book.