Sunday 11 July 2010

You know you're getting old when...

You get to have breakfast at the weekend with your daughter. She is returning home after a night out and you're just getting up at 6 like you always do.

Weekend mornings become very peaceful, there is no rush to swimming/ballet/drama/rugby/horse riding. You are the only person awake till at least mid day.

Your son counts the beer bottle tops in his pocket when you ask him how much he'd had to drink. The vomit on his t shirt and in his hair kind of gave me a clue is was more than his allotted 3 shandies.

Everyone stares at you as you walk down the street, well at your very beautiful daughter beside you. You are now invisible.

You cry at the end of Toy Story 3, I won't spoil it as I know I've seen it early but it is particularly poignant for Mummies with teenagers.

Your child has a boyfriend with a mortgage, a car and a career and pension plan.


Ayak said...'ve got it auntiegwen. It's the being invisible that's hard to take at first. Although after a while you realise it also has it's advantages.

Sueann said...

When your granddaughter graduates from college!!
When another one graduates from high school.
Your granddaughter takes you out to lunch!
Then you know you are old!!!
They call me grams! Sheesh!

Jon Storey said...

Yup, we have to face it we are getting old and the children are becoming more beautiful every day!

Time for my tablets again.....

Gigi said...

I can relate to being invisible - but not because I have a beautiful daughter....I just seem to be invisible. And what the hell is it with getting up at 6:00 am whether I want to or not? Although the mornings are very peaceful - much time to read blogs, etc. without any interference.

libby said...

....when you offer a jumper/blouse/dress of your own to your 19yr old daughter because you just know it will look nice on her and she gives you that look...that incredulous 'are you kidding me' look.....when you have to keep changing the radio in the car after they have used it...when you hear yourself say 'take a cardi/coat, it looks like rain'....

Blue Sky said...

..your daughter sends you a text with 'freaking amazing' in it.. when she borrows your fave stuff from the 80s cos it's now 'vintage' and she looks much much better in it than you ever did..But I agree with Libby, being invisible has its advantages: you can dress as you please and no-one will notice - great for someone like me who is pathologically unable to dress for her age x

Blue Sky said...

oops not Libby re invisibility, really must read comments before pressing that tempting 'publish' button

Expat mum said...

Yup. I've got this plus a seven year old. Yikes.

Working Mum said...

Actually, I'm looking forward to reaching that stage. Well, obviously not the vomit, you know what I mean.

Madame DeFarge said...

Wow, you're so ancient. That's why I avoided having children. They are a well-known source of aging.

Mrs Worthington said...

Oh the parallel lives. When men shout at my daughter asking for a date I want to cry pick me pick me even thought neither of us would pick them in a million years. The sleepless nights until He-man comes home are beginning to take their toll and I need to hot foot to the nearest Clarins counter. It does have its benefits though I'm just trying to think of them *ahem

AGuidingLife said...

sigh - it's all coming too quickly

Chic Mama said...

I'm looking forward to the weekends being less fraught though....apart from that I know I will suffer..;0S
Scary. XX

Anonymous said...

... you suddenly have grandchildren (well, not 'suddenly' but you know what I mean) yet your children still need Mum.
Being invisible is quite good - at least no-one sees the wrinkles.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

It's scary how quickly time flies. I don't feel old. In my head I'm still a teenager - I get a shock every time I look in a mirror.


MrsW said...

I sobbed, actually I may have snorted. But I also cry at Bisto ads.

auntiegwen said...

Ayak - I'm not complaining honestly

SueAnn - ok you've top trumped me :) xx

Jon - we are but the childrens mother loves you, so it's all good

Gigi - I know, I don't understand the early mornings at all

Libby - ah yes, the 3rd verse and the disco chorus xx

BS - oh yes, we are vintage now and please NEVER dress your age, too too boring xx

Expat - yep that's tricky indeed, you too have top trumped me

WM - yep minus the vomit it can be quite pleasant

Madame -that's because you are a clever clever woman even before you got your degree in big sums

Mrs W - some days even beauty flash balm doesn't make a dent in it xx

Kellogsville - it happens to us all, never mind you're in good company

CM - yep the weekends is a big plus, don't be scared, we'll all be here to help

Dragondays - yep, I'll always want to be my childrens sorter outer and first port of call

Suzanne - SO pleased it's not just me xxx

Mrs W - it was soooooooooo sad wasn't it? x

scrappysue said...

i cried at the end of toy story 3 too!

auntiegwen said...

Sue - so on the money for us eh?