Monday 23 August 2010

My funny old life

On Saturday my dear friend C took me to a comedy club. We both really enjoy stand up and the last time we went we saw Russell Kane who was great and another guy who we can't remember his name but now has his own TV show. So we had high hopes.

When we saw a man trying to fit through a narrow door with a guitar on his back and boing back like a cartoon we laughed, who knew that would be the only laugh of the night?

Then he turned and I realised I'd been on 3 dates with him, and your auntie's not laughing anymore. He's a stand up comedian who was the least funny man I've ever met, I genuinely thought I was way funnier than he was.

After watching his act, C agreed, I am so much more entertaining. C put the card for a stand up competition in my bag and thinks I should have a go, what thinketh you dear readers, would you come cheer your auntie on?

Never mind, the gin flowed, the chips we had in the interval were good, we agreed that there are no good men left to date where we live and I am still way too fussy. Thank God for friends.


Elderberry-Rob said...

what a laugh! Yes, you could definitely do stand up comedy - you're funny without even trying. Have a go!

Ayak said...

Oh I absolutely do think you should have a go. I love your humour...your posts always make me smile at the least...and often laugh out loud.

Go for it girl!

libby said...

Give it a go......and of course I'll cheer from the sidelines!

Sueann said...

I say go for it!! You will do smashing!! As for being picky...nowadays you should be!!!!

Curry Queen said...

Having just latched on to your blog, I think you should definitely give it a go - it's always been a secret fantasy of mine funnily enough but I'm not brave enough!

Mrs Worthington said...


Rarelesserspotted said...

I would travel from the north just to cheer you on! Go for it...

Gigi said...

If you do it, I may have to actually book a ticket and fly "across the pond" just to witness it.

Stay picky - otherwise you end up with someone who carries a guitar through a narrow door and goes boing. And we can't have that, now can we?

Looking for Blue Sky said...

So long as you put Dublin on your list of tour dates...I'll be there xx

auntiegwen said...

Mrs Y - I am quite wussy really, not sure I'm brave enough

Ayak - cheers me dear

Libby - thank you, cheer loudly

SueAnn - I do need to be picky, it's not like it's not important

Curry Queen - hello and welcome, I'm not sure I'm brave enough either.

Mrs W - it's kind of easier to be funny in print for me

RLS - thank you my lovely friend

Gigi - you are most welcome anytime, yep if you can't use a door God help you

LFBS - oh I need no excuses to come to your fair city !!!!

Laura said...

you should definatly go for it!!! Put it on youtube then we can all see and laugh at you.

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

You must absolutely go for it. You would be fab.


auntiegwen said...

Lolly - oh yeah the kids would love that ! revenge is mine mwah ha ha ha

Suzanne - I'm not actually that brave or funny, just after 3 gins I think I am ! xx