Tuesday 10 June 2014

Welcome to the house of vom

We have a black cross on our front door. I am ringing my bell and crying out "unclean, unclean" We are a house of lurgy.  My stepson The Boy Wonder spent the weekend vomiting and sleeping, not to be outdone my husband has spent today vomiting and sleeping, He scared the beejeezus out of me as he recounted how he pulled into a lay by on the way home to barf and woke up 20 minutes later with the engine running and the handbrake off.

He's not even got life insurance.

My Eldest Beautiful Daughter and I were on Skype tonight and I was telling our tales of woe and sickness and she asked if I was more sympathetic to illness now, she loves to recount the phrases that were trotted out when she was pleading for a day off school. Before I was a teacher, I spent 15 years as a nurse, I probably wasn't sympathetic to pleas of illness.  Sympathy clearly was a shift time only concept. The ones she favours are

"Have you a limb hinging off? No , well get that uniform on"
"You're sick are you? Let me take you to the hospital, I work there, I'll show you what a sick person looks like"
"Put a plaster on it, it'll be fine. Stop your crying"

Then I became a teacher and still had no truck with school avoiding issues. Apparently EBD's upbringing has made her the strict teacher she is now.

And she is a VERY strict teacher.


AGuidingLife said...

My best quotes were "I'm sick to death of you whining about being tired, we are all tired, you will go to school" - turns out it was chicken pox

closely followed by
"I'm sick to death of you not answering me when you are spoken to, you are not deaf, you are down right naughty" - turns out she was deaf.

Character building for them, having uncaring paremts you know. Best of British values :)

Love to the poorly ones.

Gigi said...

Sounds to me that you raised her right, i.e., I've done the same and I'm not a teacher OR a nurse!

Hope those feeling under the weather get better soon. And I even more hope they don't "share".

libby said...

Crikey....poor AG and family....let's hope the boys haven't spread the joy and you stay ok.xxx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

This cheered me up no end, as today's mothers get lambasted for sending their children into school with so much as a sniffle! Saying that, cleaning up sick is not nice, not nice at all, hope it's stopped now xx