Wednesday 5 November 2014


30 years ago today I became a student nurse. Sweet baby cheezus, where did those 30 years go? (mainly working, having children and getting married) In the last 30 years, I have mainly worked as a nurse or as a teacher, I now work for a medical charity and I spend a good amount of time now in universities teaching student nurses. I feel nicely full circley about that.

The NHS now seems very different from the NHS I worked in. I haven't had to use it much personally, only hospital admissions have been to have my babies so I feel very fortunate in my rude health.  I like to know it's there for me if I need it. Indulge me in my moment of warm fuzzies for the NHS, because we don't always appreciate what we have, until it's gone.


Andy said...

Our finest achievement as a society. I just hope it doesn't get sold off by the back door.

AGuidingLife said...

I would fight tooth and nail to keep the NHS, I would pay more tax if necessary to guarantee its safety.

I want to live in a world where every doctor can say 'yes, I can help you, yes I can treat you' regardless of who they say it to.

Food, shelter, health, education.

They are the collective responsibilty and I blow a fat 'go to the gates of hell' raspberry to any 'me, me, me' person that doesn't agree!

auntiegwen said...

A - indeed, but the back door sell off is in progress and has been for a while

K - hear hear, a woman after my own heart

libby said...

The NHS has been wonderful this past week for the mister as you know....but I suspect it won't be here for ever sadly.x

auntiegwen said...

Libs - and boy will we miss it when it's gone xxxx

Nota Bene said...

The NHS is the jewel in our slightly tarnished politician would dare destroy it...would they Dave, Ed, Nick?????

Suzanne Ross Jones said...

We're very lucky with your NHS.