Monday 27 October 2014

And when you thought it couldn't get worse...

Take your pick, let me know what you think is the worst, answers or shares of your own in the comments please

A - Someone who I  met a few years ago said in a cheery tone "the last girl who did your job was Scottish too" and when I reassured them that it was actually me they were quite disbelieving and said "Oh no, she was a little slim thing, you're at least twice her size"
I am now on the 5 - 2 diet, I started today, it's a 500 calorie day and I am quite tetchy, I expect I will have to go to bed early, in the interests of family harmony.

B - My parents are coming for Christmas, they are staying for 12 days. I don't like anyone if I have to spend 12 days in close proximity to them whilst having to be a cheery hostess. I am also having to miss my wedding anniversary trip up North to stay at the hotel we got married in and am missing spending New Year with my friend Lou in Edinburgh. No one should visit you for 12 days when you have to look after them.  NO ONE (in capitals for emphasis)

C - The Beautiful Son is working in Edinburgh on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, he will be getting squillions of cash for it but he won't be with me, I shall miss him muchly. I am also sad that he will be waking up on Christmas morning on his own, unless he gets lucky on Christmas Eve. I expect there are some girls left in Edinburgh who he hasn't met yet.

D - My job that I luff is going as part of a restructure, I will be able to apply for one of the new jobs but they aren't my job, that I luff. Did I mention that I luff my job?

That's plenty isn't it, there's more but who needs to read my whiney whiney poor me's.


London City (mum) said...

One word: migrate.


Mac n' Janet said...

It is my rule that no guest, including me, can stay more than 3 days, for guests are like fish and after 3 days they stink.
Sorry about your parents, sorrier about your son. Our daughter is coming in from Japan, where she moved to in April and I'm thrilled.
Really sorry about your job, nothing worse than losing one we really care about.
Why don't you and your husband slip away,even if it's only for over night. Maybe your mom won't notice and I'll bet your dad will cover for you.

auntiegwen said...

LCM - if only!

M & J - thrilled about your daughter :) we often say that 3 day guest rule too, but I will try and be nice as it's respite for my dad, it gives him some other bonkers people to talk to. We will most definitely escape out for an evening on our wedding anniversary though.

Andy said...

Life is sucky at the minute but you have a husband that loves you and thinks that the answer could well be to hide under the bed until the world stops being such an arse.

Lesley said...

I sympathise. I think 5 days with a parent is optimum. But then I calculated how many more times I'm likely to see my Mum (on this site and felt very very guilty.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Suggest getting in lots and lots of treats for Christmas, for everyon , and hopefully your son can find time for a little Skyping. My sympathies though on it all, still fed up that I lost the best part time job in the world in 2008!

Nota Bene said...


I too shall be without The Boy for Christmas again.

I wouldn't want to burden anyone with me for 12 days, and generally I'm house-trained

Trish said...

You have some lovely readers here with lots of advice and empathy.
My mother is staying for 4 days. 12 is a lot but you can pat yourself on the back for doing such a a good deed. And yes, disappear for a night.x

AGuidingLife said...

(said with a sympathetic tone)

My mother-in-law came for 3 weeks once - 3 weeks. I went on holiday part way through, I couldn't stand it any longer.

auntiegwen said...

Andrew - indeed

Lesley - not going to go there... might end up with her with me for good!

LFBS - drink, I tell you because it's the only way through (in a Father Jack kind of a way!)

NB - Laura and I are going to take a trip up and surprise him (and put the kybosh on his duvet activities)

Trish - you're right, I have the loveliest readers, I only wish I could disappear for a night, an evening will be the best I can do! x

K - sweet baby cheezus, you win the longest parent visit top trump, hand down