Monday, 15 January 2007

Feeling very pleased with myself

Ran for 7 km this am, God it was hard as I have spent most of the festive season prone on my sofa. Usually eating and drinking something. Had a nice weekend with my kids, pizza hut for lunch and then on to Borders bookshop followed by Starbucks and home to watch the Harry Potter film on tv, ate and drank far too much (lattes, no wine)
Visited my friend yest afternoon, drank too much coffee and compiled our fantasy famous men list. No cross overs which is helpful as if George Clooney ever ventures into my local Starbucks I will leave the field free for her, nice aren't I?
Beautiful son and his friend have devised a new game which is dementing eldest beautiful daughter, sung to the tune of "F*ck a mod" by the Exploited or for the non punks amongst you Jingle Bells you go up behind a goth and sing" Prod the Goth, prod the goth, prod the goth today, oh what fun it is to prod the goth until it's dead" whilst simultaneously prodding the goth. There are loads of them hanging around near here, all being different together bless! beautiful son and his mad mate aren't brave enough to do it to unknown goths so are specifically targetting eldest beautiful daughter and her mates, who in the interests of clarification should be said are emo's and not goths. It's nice to live in a happy home isn't it !! I look at E.B.D and remember when she had pigtails and lollipops and now she looks like Bride of Dracula, my mum says she looks just like me when I was 15, I'm so proud ........... even if the rest of the world thinks she looks weird I'm glad she doesn't take any notice and keeps with her own unique style.

To leave you with

Auntie Gwens Fantasy Famous List (No order of preference)

Dougie Henshall - Scottish actor, a bit gingery but has the most gorgeous voice

Dougray Scott - Scottish actor although you wouldn't feckin know it if you've only come across him in Desperate Housewives, he now has the most appalling posh English accent to borrow a phrase from a good friend "whit's that aw aboot? " his real voice is lovely and I'm so pissed off about this

Jack Davenport - oow yum he appears on my good friend Susan's list as well and I really really love Susan so that would be a dilemma.

The other 2 are women, does that make me weird ?

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