Thursday, 11 January 2007

My First Post

Well look at me, my very own blog !!! I won't begin by complaining how difficult I've found it trying to put my photo on, but will confess to being technologically inept and challenged to say the least, but here it is, I feel like doing a lap of honour as I am a sad old bag.
Like I said in my profile, mother of 3, ad ed teacher,posess own teeth, hair and great friends.
Overly fond of lists and categorising things so to start off easy a list.
Favourite Places
Olu Deniz beach
Originally Scottish, have crossed over to the dark side and now live in England but hoping to move home, ever so slightly parochial and have become more patriotic than when I lived there !
Am addicted to Starbucks and spend way too much time and money there, my local is attached to a Borders bookstore and neatly combines my venti skinny latte habit nicely with my obsessive reading. I'm a member of a book group and find myself reverting to the rebellious teenager I once was during meetings, bossy opinionated women (when it's not me) make me feel like this. Current book group reading "To kill a mockingbird" current for pleasure reading "The Optimist " by Andrew Miller.

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