Saturday, 27 January 2007

losing things/forgetfulness

This week in our house we have lost collectively

I pair of rugby shorts
2 gumshields
1 pair of rugby socks
(all lost on different days as rugby practice is now 3 days per week)

1 pair of swimming goggles
1 school lunchbox

1 mothers sanity

My beautiful boy has been so forgetful, the ammount of kit I am replacing is unbelievable. He even forgot me this week !!

Every time he has rugby after school he reminds me to go and collect him, even though it's at school and he walks to and from school every day there's no rugby, he still gets me to pick him up. Even though he comes out so unbelievably muddy, I mean like a baby hippo, and completely covers my car seats in mud, I still go pick him up. Even though I could be at home with a cup of tea and a hobnob, I still go because I love him.

So I'm sat in my car waiting, that's not too unusual, he's often the last one out, I'm quite happy, I've found a packet of polo's and I have full choice of whats on the cd cos I'm on my own, when I realise he's not usually this late. I ring home and ask beautiful baby daughter if they've heard from him just as he walks in the front door, he's forgotten me and walked home with his mates. Even though I always collect him and he always says before he leaves in the morning " don't forget to collect me after rugby ". Even though that very morning he told me, he forgot and walked home.

When I got home he's very pleased with himself, he's managed to put his truly filthy rugby kit in the washing machine. He's left a trail of muddy footprints from the front door all the way upstairs to his bedroom and back down again, all over the kitchen floor and placed his kit in the washing machine ON TOP OF A NEWLY WASHED LOAD OF WHITE LAUNDRY, but he's pleased he's done what I always ask him to do after rugby, all on his own without being asked.

Before I could say anything he said to me as he always does (it's his get out of jail free card) " But you love me" and I do.


Helena said...

Oh Gwen - how I can relate to all you've said. That is the beauty of boys though - isn't it? We DO love them. Oh, and I'm still looking for my sanity! Let me know when you find yours. I'm very patient!!


Anonymous said...

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