Tuesday 5 June 2007

20 differences from being 20

I like to get home after a night out on the same day that I left

My alcohol intake is measured in glasses not bottles

I can now quite happily leave a party or evening out early if I'm not enjoying myself

I will sometimes drive to and from a night out

I no longer think that a night out starting with a meal is a waste of money and valuable drinking time

I only eat cereal at breakfast

I prefer quality over quantity ( in all things)

I would prefer Starbucks to any bar

I pay my credit card bill in full every month

I like to be in bed by 10pm as opposed to going out at 10pm

I am now a brilliant guest, I will show up on time, bring flowers, chocolates and wine, I will compliment effusively and help clear up as opposed to arriving 3 hours late, already twisted drunk and be very pleased with myself when I make it to your loo to vomit

My underwear criteria has changed from being clean to being clean, matching and gorgeous

I now teach the classes that bored the 20 year old me to death

I now know that my 20 year old self really wasn't too shabby and the 40 year old version is pretty good too

I now voluntarily run as opposed to running for buses or to avoid people

I look after my body and skin at 40 in a desperate attempt at damage limitation due to being 20

Occassionally I can argue calmly, cohesively and get my point across without shouting and bursting into tears

I can now apologise and accept blame

I can now love someone truly, unreservedly and unselfishly

I will no longer fake anything, if I'm not enjoying, you'll know about it


Helena said...

Hallelujah! I'm not quite as 'different' as I thought I was after all! I relate to so many of the 20, with the definite exception of a voluntary run!

Anonymous said...

Ah the signs of growing up. Its something we woman seem to do easier than most men. They as a rule {{ yea there is a FEW exceptions }} take till they hit 65. Woman, after the birth of first child and BAM we is grown up. LOL