Monday 25 August 2008


The happy happy day FINALLY arrived, whaddya mean, what happy day ?

The day the mummy and the lara went to see the mighty Killers, silly

A middle aged woman who's old enough to know better and an over excited teenager went to the airport. Aren't you glad you weren't sitting beside us ? Both giddy with excitement but she'd had a fair ammount of sugar as well.

We arrived in Dublin, got a bus into the city centre and started exploring. I asked her to hold the map for me as I had the bags, she stuck it in her pocket and lost it 20 seconds later ! This was to be a recurring theme. I've been to Dublin lots, this was the EBD first time, she loved it, she really really likes accents and she likened it to being in Glasgow with the humour and random people talking to you. We went to Bewley's for lunch and saw some sights before off to the hotel to get changed for the gig. We got another map from the hotel and found our way to where the concert buses were leaving. Great great craic on the bus out. When we got to Marlay Park, they were giving out free lollies and pink wigs, I confess I did take a lolly.

On arrival, I rolled up my jeans and prepared to get my flip flops muddy, this was a real chore for herself as my poor baby has a phobis about feet, she hates them, even her own but I have no wellies, so I reckoned I'd just wash the mud off afterwards. There was a lot of muttering about how daft it was not to be wearing converse but at the end of the night, hers were trashed (yet another pair bites the dust) and I could wash my feet. A pint of lager helped her through this trauma.

Your auntie got a wee bit excited at having her merlot in a field in a plastic glass, classy eh ?

The atmosphere was simply amazing, we met a really nice couple of guys from Preston, they were great company, my age, and we smiled a few times at the antics of the very boisterous Irish crowd that Lara was befriended by. The older couple of guys were kind enough to give Lara their ticket as yes, you guessed it, she lost ours out of her pocket when she was crowd surfing, and she keeps all her tickets as minders.We really were lucky to meet such a lovely crowd of young lads, 1 of whom was a physio student in Edinburgh, they were great craic and stuck us on their shoulders for a better view, this is a very happy daughter during "All these things that I have done"

This concert was brilliant, The Killers were amazing, a short set but worth every penny of the £500 in total that I spent. The very first song that they played was " For Reasons Unknown" which some of you may know is the theme tune for my new life. I had said to the people we met I didn't care what they played as long as that was on. It was just magical, especially as it was the first song, just like it was meant for me. Going to this concert was the first thing I've done in a long time that was just for me, a real piece of selfishness, when they played the opening bars, Lara just looked at me and we screamed together and then started moshing like mad. I have to say that that was the best 4 minutes of my life. Really and truly, so I apologize to anyone who has had a 4 minute moment with me, you didn't make the cut.

PLEASE PLEASE click on the wee thingy, share with me the best 4 minutes of my life.

The whole thing was brilliant, I enjoyed Bloc Party but I was only there for The Killers, and I wish I could put into words how fantastic it was for me.

After the concert we waited an hour in a queue for the bus back into Dublin city centre but as always the great craic kept us mightily entertained. As herself had lost the map again, when we got off the bus as we were both wiped and it was after 1 am, we got a taxi back to the hotel. This was the best 10 euro I have ever spent as the taxi driver should have been doing stand up at the Edinburgh Festival. He was very non PC but hysterically funny, he kept going on about us paying good money to stand "like knackers in a field" paying over the odds for crap beer " up to your tits in mud" in the strongest Dub accent you've ever heard. When we got back it took me ages to get the mud off my feet but eventually I was clean enough for herself and I was allowed to get into the bed.

At breakfast, she decided she would bring home the Matthew (chief matey boy, well beloved of both the Mummy and the Lara) a pot of jam and donate the pink wig of the night before. The Lara decided it would be a gas laugh if we did a little tour of Dub with the jam and the pink wig.

The mummy was a bit concerned about walking around with the Lara in a pink wig and a pot of jam but found it easier just to accept what she couldn't understand.

We took Matthew's jam sightseeing, he went to Starbuck's in O' Connell St, to visit Molly Malone's statue, to St Stephen's Green and to Trinity College.

Finally, just before we went to the airport we took Matthew's jam for a Guiness.


ME said...

Looks like a GREAT time!! You need to be a little more selfish a little more often. :)

Shirley said...

Oh my cow, Gwen! I hadn't read your blog yet when I answered your email. First of all -- WHAT A TRIP! Secondly, your blogging skills are way and above mine. (putting pics in . . . and a VIDEO?!) My hat is off to you, love.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Lucky, lucky you. Just catching up with your blog whilst been away. Lovely pics of the Beautiful Children. Hope you had a lovely birthday and where's your grey cardi from?

DAB said...

I'm sooo glad you had a brillant time in Dublin's fair city - I just soo love outside gigs, some of my happiest times have been at live concerts :) BTW, I'm off to Paris this Thursday for a long romantic(!) weekend. Happy days :) TFx

Squirmy Popple said...

Nothing says class like wine in a plastic glass.

I'm glad you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Cracks me up how she loses everything! lol How old is she? I remember going through a period like that. Oy.

scrappysue said...

what a fun time you guys had - truly it looked like so much fun. my 16 y/o would kill to see the killers!!!

rebeckajane said...

Just stopping by to say I've started reading you recently and am enjoying the read.

Sounds like it was a great time at the concert!

Your children are beautiful.


Eddie 2-Sox said...

Nice work Mum, I can't wait to take Sam to Cambridge Corn Exchange one day....

Anonymous said...

Haha...oh girl I'd have loved to have been sitting by the two of you on the plane! Would have been soooo much fun! Sounds like an incredibly fabulous time!

Laura said...

Looks like you had a fab time well worth the money. Love the youtube clip.

Your daughter looks so much like you

Neil said...

You rock chicks are HOT! xxxx x

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

It looked great and what great pictures. You both look so happy! How lucky you are to have such great kids and they clearly have a great mum too.

Loved your 'rules' post to. Bet they've been broken already!

cheekie said...

brilliant! looks like a blast and I am so glad the day finally came...I was looking forward to it. lol.
glad you had such a good time!

Tim Atkinson said...

Yeah - great descriptions + pics. Almost like being there ourselves (without the muddy wellie-less feet!)

auntiegwen said...

Craze - I think you're right

Shirley - I even did this all by my own self !

ACTTF - Thanks, a great birthday

TF - nothing beats a live gig, bonne vacances mon amie

Katie - what about Prosecco in a glass ?

Cece - her birth certificate says 16 but her common sense level says 4 !

Sue - if they tour down under, you should take her, it was amazing

Becka - welcome and thanks, as are yours x

2 sox - nothing like a bit of parent child bonding

Lisa - you'd have loved it, we should take the girls on a trip, it'd be fab

Laura - that'd make her cry, but I admit she is the new improved version of me, no grey hairs or wrinkles !

Neil - she's grown up a wee bit, hasn't she ? xxxx x

Mob - It's not always easy but I love them muchly. My rules are always being broken !

Cheekie - it was the business !

Dotterell - thanks, my running partner, the lovely Richard is now trying to get me to go to Glasto with him, but the mud scares me !!

Mom/Mum said...

Am green with envy. Love your blog btw..

Dusty Spider said...

What a great gig! I really enjoyed the clip. Lovely post. Thanks Auntie. Flick xx

A Mother's Place is in the Wrong said...

At last catching up with all your stuff - what a great trip, and lovely photos of you beautiful people. M xx