Sunday 21 December 2008

Being a Teenager again

My mammy is visiting me at the moment so that has meant a total reversal to my teenage state, she is feeding me, tidying up after me and generally minding me.

I think I took it too far when I arrived home from my big night out much later than I said I'd be. I drove up the driveway with the cd and headlights turned off. Creeping in quietly so as not to wake her, yes I know I'm 42 and it's my house but old habits die hard.

But even if she had grounded me it would have so been worth it because it was such a special night out, one of my very, very best.


scrappysue said...

well, dish then!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha...I can just see you trying to be all sneaky. Too funny!

Nota Bene said...

ah mums!...oh daughters!

Tim Atkinson said...

Wouldn't it be great to do it all again!

Laura said...

So was she standing on the landing with a rolling pin? :O)

Merry Christmas to you too

Working Mum said...

We need more info!!

DAB said...

Just because you turned off those headlights, don't you be leaving us in the dark, otherwise I'll be teling your Mammy!

BTW Have a great Christmas, be good ;-) TFxx

Mean Mom said...

Oooh! Glad you had a good night out!

I do envy you, having your 'mammy' to look after you for a little while. It's nice to be able to revert, occasionally. I've had flu since last Friday. Some TLC would have been nice.

Squirmy Popple said...

Do explain about this night out - we're waiting!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

She'll love you simply for the respect and consideration you still show her. Oh have a great time with yer mammy hen! Happy Christmas yous lot!

A Confused Take That Fan said...

PLEASE send your mammy over here right now. I could do with some pampering and a late night out!
Have a wonderful Christmas Auntie.

auntiegwen said...

Sue - Dish ? A lady never tells, you know that !

Lisa - I could hardly stop laughing

NB - I know, I've got 2 daughters to survive myself

Tim - I don't know, I'm having a blast right now

Lolly - nope, she was in bed pretending to be asleep !

WM - We went to a fancy wine bar, we went to an award winning restaurant, we had a snaeky smoke, some wine, we laughed a lot and then we went home, it was a good night

TF - ok, I wore a black and red Hugo Boss silk dress, himself was in a black shirt that I like muchly ( I'm not sure where it's from but I'll ask him) and nice jeans, what else do you lot need ?

MM - oh poor poor you, have some virtual TLC from your auntie xxx

Katie - I'm at a loss to think of any more info you would need, himself had 2 glasses of white, 1 glass of red, 1 beer and 1 glass of very expensive desert wine, I had 1 glass of red and then some desert wine

mob - she's away hame noo, have a great wan yersels xxx

Acttf - next time she's here, I'll send her, promise x

Anonymous said...

I think the word is "disingenuous"...