Monday 29 December 2008


Once upon a time in the far away kingdom of Romantasyland lived a maiden, okay, a maiden who was old enough to know better.

She thought she had met and married her Prince, sadly he turned out to be a toad but undeterred our heroine kept kissing frogs, waiting for her Prince, she never gave up on the idea of romance.

Enter our dashing hero, 6 foot 1 of pure muscle, fair of hair (plenty of it too, the maiden was impressed, she's used to short, middle aged bald men) and blue of eye, the maiden was a bit bowled over.

Like all good fairytales the path of true love never runs smoothly, the maiden had a nasty habit of demanding mush and romance and wanting to talk about their relationship and the dashing hero was after all, a bloke, and a Northern bloke at that.

The maiden remarked to the dashing hero that most couples have a honeymoon period where there is an abundance of romance and mush before reality sets in but that they had seemed to go straight to the reality stage.

Our dashing hero agreed that indeed their relationship had always been real and stated in what he may have thought to be a concillatory fashion "There's more than one way to skin a cat"



Laura said...

I hope you don't really have a cat or things good turn ugly!

Anonymous said...

It must be a Northern bloke thing, this unfettered romantic verbosity.


auntiegwen said...

lolly - no, no cats just weans !!

Sixy - ah but we can't give them up, can we pet ?