Friday 9 January 2009

Meet The Weans... part deux

The Beautiful Son

A gentle and thoughtful wee soul but with a modicum of mayhem inside. Will be 14 in June. Remains the child that seems to need me the most. Will always elect to sit beside me and be physically attached to me in some way, very easy and cute when he was a toddler but much more tricky now he is bigger than me. When we walk together he always puts his arm around my shoulders like his dad used to.

Worries about the state of the world, my self absorbed daughters wouldn't have a baldy about what's going on in Gaza, but it's fretting him, especially when it involves children or mummies, his worst fear is not having me, he is and always has been a big mammy's boy. Also has a really strong set of morals and social justice, he has empathy in abundance, I am extremely proud of his humanity.

Loves his rugby, supports Scotland of course, likes Gloucester ( because of Chris Patterson) and also likes Leicester Tigers. Plays for a club and school team, position is usually flanker and very patiently explains every kick or touch of the ball to me when we watch together, never gets irritated by me getting my knock on's in the wrong place, I like to join in, you see.

Plays the electric guitar really well and has a fantastic singing voice but would never get up and perform. Also loves music, stuff like Linkin Park, Foo Fighters and no big surprise The Killers. Has real problems at parties, is actually quite shy and hates going to large gatherings where he doesn't know people. Copes fantastically well at home, come visit us and he'll be grand, not so good out of his own comfortable environment.

For all his fantastic qualities, he is quite horrible to his younger sister, winds her up no end, he is 16 months older and they used to be so incredibly close, they did everything together then he went to middle school and it stopped, she has never quite recovered from that. It is a source of ongoing low level worry and annoyance to me.

Is a complete work shy article, will do the bare minimum and has even created a file which he updates every time he makes me a cup of coffee, so he can produce it in evidence when we complain about his lazy ass. And we do complain, a lot, poor boy, can't be easy living in the House of Oestrogen and Pre Menstrual Tension.

Very popular with his peers and with the young ladies, doesn't seem too interested in that direction at the moment. Wanders around the house saying (in a very exaggerated Scottish accent) " I'm so gorgeous and so sexy" we let him be, it's good to have a dream.

Has a tremendous sense of humour, it's a bit school boyish, no surprise there, but is good at funny accents, impersonations etc. Has a brilliant laugh too, all my kids have, it's really infectious. Spends a lot of time on Youtube looking at funny videos, also spends a lot of time on his Xbox 360 or his PSP.

Can eat his own body weight daily, takes the all you can eat buffet stuff as a personal challenge, is very interested in food and enjoys cooking, not with me obviously but with his dad or with other non failed grown ups. Has coffee with milk and 2 sugars, and is a committed carnivore, loves a bacon butty with ketchup. Will happily drink any alcohol you're daft enough to give him.

Sleeps a lot, not good in the mornings ( familial trait, that) Has to be called at least 6 times to get up for school. Still has the teddy bears from his infancy on his bed, also has my teddy from when I was a baby there, doesn't bother him at all, none of his mates even comment, they've been there since the day we moved into this house 9 years ago.

Still classes me as his favourite person in the world and I feel very proud to have such a beautiful son. The person he chooses to share his life with will be incredibly lucky and I look forward to seeing the man he will become.


Tim Atkinson said...

What a wonderful tribe you have; can't wait to meet number three. And - apropos that comment on my blog - number four?

Anonymous said...

Yep. A boy through and through with a touch of fabulous sensitivity thrown in. Well done girl

Laura said...

I'm lovin't these intro's to your kids. I wonder what they would write about you? lol

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Gwennie, such a treasure of a child, makes me mourn the passing of those years in said Grizzler, now monosyllabic, recalcitrant and mother-baiting!

In that lovely second pic of him he looks as if he might become a very charming and photegenic Pope later in life!

Anonymous said...

Boys are lovely, aren't they? I dreaded having sons, I thought I wouldn't know what to do with a boy - it's not like I was ever one! Mine is a treasure in comparison to his (lovely but head strong) sister ;o)
Gorgeous again!

DAB said...

Your boy sounds like a real dream m'dear.

BTW. Great Johnny Rotten joke for you over on my comments from a guy called Troy a Punk Fan methinks :) TFX

ME said...

What a wonderful post! I truly do feel like I know him better and he sounds like an awesome son!

scrappysue said...

he is indeed the beautiful son!

Working Mum said...

Ah, a typical teenage boy. I assume he has enough charm to get away with stuff?

However, the file thing - that would really annoy me, do you keep a corresponding file of things you do for him?!

Mean Mom said...

Your son sounds like fun. Friends have told me that boys tend to be more affectionate than girls. Not true of my eldest son, but true of the other 2.

My youngest son also keeps count, within a day, of cups of tea made for me etc. The other 2 never have. This is probably because middle son has made me only 2 cups of tea, within his lifetime and eldest son has never even made me one.;0)

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh he sounds like a great boy, that bit about the file cracked me up.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

With those looks and a Celtic backgound he will be a real catch. A sense of humour, empathy and brought up with girls? A killer mix too. He sounds so wonderful Gwen. A lovely rounded tribute to him. Yer a lucky gal. X

auntiegwen said...

Tim - oh yes, buckle up, number 3 keeps evryone on her toes.

Lisa - I hope he will be well trained by the 3 bossy women he lives with

Lolly - they'll have a wee bump of their gums but I think they'd be fairly positive

AWONI - you should see his Mother Teresa impression, he also does a pretty mean Achmed the Terrorist too

Penelope - you always get one head strong child, wait till you meet BBD !

TF - thank you me dear, I tries me best, loved the Jonny Rotten joke ! and the comment, funny bloke

Craze - I love him too much

Sue - poor boy living with all us girls, just like your hubby !

WM - it is impossible for me to get cross with any of them for more than 2 secs, and if I made a file it would be the longest read in the world !

MM - if I could get any of them to bring me a cup of coffee in bed every morning that would be the best thing in the world, my ex h used to and I really miss it now :(

Mobs - truly I know I am, and I'm grateful every single day for the gift of them, I may have no money and my life is so not what I expected but I have them and my beloved friends and that make me richer than Croseus

Millennium Housewife said...

loved the coffee log! he's gorgeous MH

A Confused Take That Fan said...

He's gorgeous. Funny. Also loving the coffee log. You are quite clearly doing a fabulous job of being mummy. Please pass on tips xxx

auntiegwen said...

MH - Thank you, I love him dearly even though he is an olympic champion lazy arse

ACTTF - tips ? 1 glass of merlot prescribed daily around 5.30pm used to get me throught the tea time horrors, although now sadly had had to go as just about every feckin evening requires me to drive them sonewhere, poor poor auntie xx