Tuesday 20 October 2009

10 things I heart about my baby teen

Today the Beautiful Baby Daughter becomes a teenager. She is the most complex of my children and is the one that we have the most fireworks with. But our puss cat makes us our family.

She is always busy, she never complains of being bored, she will just find herself doing something, very rarely does she just relax.

She is hugely creative, she can paint, draw, design and make things.

She is scared of no one and nothing. If you piss off the puss cat, she'll not be long in letting you know.

She is the incredibly capable and self contained, she is the most domestic of us all, quite able to look after herself and us. She could actually leave home tomorrow and be fine, unlike her sister who will be at least 36 before she is a fully functioning human.

She has her own taste and won't be swayed. She lives with a house full of indie rock n roll afficionados and she likes Take That and Girls Aloud. And cares not a jot when she's mocked.

She will write you little notes and give you certificates telling you how good you are at things. These are priceless. Ditto my "Tokens of Glory" - every year on Mothers Day, she makes me a beautiful box and inside I get some tokens, I get a "cup of coffee on demand" sometimes a "tidy up with no moaning" and my very favourite is an "end an argument with Lucy" one. If you knew her, you would know how good that one is. She is a shit hot arguer, top barristers practice their debating skills with her.

She is very smart, focused and will work for what she wants. She really just goes for it. This is refreshing after the other 2 laid back work shy articles I've reared.

She is an incredibly beautiful child, delicate and graceful. She moves like a dancer, has amazing bone structure and the crowning glory of that titian hair. Photo's never do her justice, she would have painters reaching for their brush to capture her colouring.

She is loving, sweet and kind. Even though she lives with us and we are a challenge for her on a daily basis, she remains loving, sweet and kind.

She still looks like a baby when she's asleep, the thumb still remains very firmly in the rosebud mouth and the cheek still has that babyish curve.

Happy Birthday to my baby, a teenager today, you are precious beyond words but you are mo chridhe, my heart.


Expat mum said...

Ah bless! She looks very sweet! I love little (well, not so little) girls.

Shirley said...

You know, AG, you have the most delightful way of describing your offspring without being mushy. Has anyone every told you? Makes me think, "My poor kids . . . they're stuck with ME."

scrappysue said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww - happy birthday to the beautiful baby daughter - what a sweet post

Nota Bene said...

A big, big happy birthday to BBD. Hope she gets presents galore....x

Helena said...

I am still laughing at the 'shit hot arguer' bit!

Happy teenager years, young lady (very beautiful young lady at that!). I can feel the love from here, Gwen!

Anonymous said...

You have probably guessed by now, but I'm kind of biased when this kind of posting crops up. I'd have loved it regardless.

But you do it so well, it's easy to comment and say so. And mean every word.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Gwennie, ditto Shirley and Matthew - Gorgeous writing and such a sweet and independent Teen BBD! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY X

Anonymous said...

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