Friday 27 November 2009

This week your auntie has been mainly...

Trying to stop eating fruit and nut toblerones. This is not easy as Sainsbury's has the big massive ones on offer for £2, and how often do you get the joy of a of massive one for £2, not often when you're my age.

Running - well, I've been once and I may go later today, close enough.

Fretting about her hair - I have had it cut and I have had something fancy done with colour. I am usually very boringly dark brown and straight (ok, dark brown and grey, pedantic lot that you are) I now have caramel, honey and toffee slices, do you now want to eat me?

Dancing in my jammies ala Chris Moyles, same movement same body shape but I, cunning linguist that I am sing "I'm in my jammies girl" makes me laugh, if you don't listen to radio 1 you may be a bit lost but you can youtube Chris Dom and Dave dancing and you'll get the gist. If I can get the weans to film me, I'll stick a wee video up for you.

Weighing up whether the derision from the daughters would be balanced out with the joy of wearing the yummy fitflop boots. They are soooooooooooooooooo comfy and soft.

Wondering if she did the right thing by closing the door on someone. This person, once upon a time was so close to me. Then we had no contact and completely out of the blue they turned up at my door on Tuesday night and wanted to talk. I told them it wasn't a good time and said goodbye. I have been mildly rattled ever since.

Feeling more of a bitch than usual, I have been low level irritated and hard to please this week. Someone who really doesn't deserve it has taken the brunt of it. To top it off, they have sent me a bouquet of flowers this am, to cheer me up, again my name is auntiegwen and I am a class A bitch


Laura said...

lol you definatly have to put a video up, but you need to wear those boot your talking about as well as the jammies :O)

Not From Lapland said...

I have the perfect solution for your toblerone problem. Post the all to me, we dont get them out here.

DAB said...

LOL! Those boots are made for walking or sitting on you fat arse scoffing chocolate. Oh, doors can be opened again Auntiegwen! TFx

Anonymous said...

Maybe the dancing in the jammies and the frequency of the joy of a massive one are in some way related?

Anonymous said...

Those fruit and not treats are awesome. And it is good to jog a few miles a day, so we stay in at least average shape!

Ken said...

Oh, dear God... I'm splitting my sides. I've just stumbled upon your blog. I will definitely return. Your work reminds2 me of a quip I heard many years (ok, decades) ago - Comedians tell funny stories. Humorists tell stories funny.

You are a comedian of first rank! (yeah, yeah, comedienne, whatever). Thank you for pouring a brimming cauldron of laughter all over my evening!

AGuidingLife said...

Those toblerones are the work of the diet devil, One doesn't last a day with me!

You don't have to open the door, you could open a window and test the temperature.

and I'll were the boots if you do!!!! can something that looks that comfy really also be good for you - the antithesis to toblerone?

auntiegwen said...

Lolly - I'm still trying to justify the £125 cost of them

Heather - oh you poor wee scone, email me your address and I'll happily send you one

TF - not sure if that would be wise, took me a bit of time to get my head straight after that one, but as for the sofa sitting and choc eating, I'm your girl :) x

Matthew - if I had the joy of a massive one on a regular basis would I be able to dance, I wonder? these little conundrums keep me mulling over for hours

Secretia - yep, I'd settle for average now

Ken - thank you so much, so glad you came to visit your auntie :)

Kellogsville - I wore the summer version fitflop constantly till my toes nearly dropped off with frostbite but I covet with covety covetousness the boots.
yep, the diet devil gets me too and I'm a bit scared to open the window in case I fall out.