Sunday 8 November 2009

University Challenge

Although I love it in Mummy denial land even I must confess that the time has come for even me to accept that the Eldest Beautiful Daughter may actually be going.

I am spending an awful lot of Saturdays in an awful lot of universities all keen to take the cost of my first flat to educate and house the EBD for the next few years.

I love my daughter with all of my heart (and a wee dod of my liver as my granny used to say) and I know that she is not a fully functioning human yet and I know it's my fault.

But this Saturday I thought it would be different, Northampton is rated 7th out of 85 for the degree she wants to do and it was her 2nd choice after Glasgow (who want all her A levels and mine and her dad's inclusive to get in)

I watch her make notes and listen to the tutor speaking and I almost have the proud Mummy smile.

You may have to click on the photo to get the fullest appreciation of what goes on in her head.

Scary, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Llamas, scarecrows AND a hat society ? I wanna go there !

Nota Bene said...

At least some of those comments are right...not saying which ones though!

Anonymous said...

Feels strange, them going away to school.

Anonymous said...

The cuter the doodles, the scarier the mind.

That's why it's always safe to get in a lift with Rolf Harris.

indigo16 said...

I am feeling your pain all the way with this one. All but two of Daisy's choices want impossibly high grades, the other two are such pants institutions I see them as more vocational than academic. The cost makes me weep.
For the price of
a new cooker
a new shower
a fully decorated house I am sending her to a crammer school to achieve the dream. Yes, my middle name is stupid.
Best of all just as she morphs into a half way articulate being she buggers off!

Frankies' Cornish Farmyard Ramblings said...

Very difficult situation, my youngest daughter has this year flown the nest to go uni land. I made the mistake of letting her come home for a weekend, 2 weeks ago and now she wants to give everything up to come home, for what, no job, can't drive etc etc. So I am being punished, her facebook profile scares me and the lack of communication moreso, however, only me gets punished, she is communicating with other family members as if all is fine. I thought weaning and potty training was hard!?

Working Mum said...

Sojuding by those notes, she's doing a degree that ends with "Studies"! Wink, wink!

Rarelesserspotted said...

My youngest son is now in his first year at Liverpool Uni, my middle son has finished his third year at Nottingham Uni, you have my deepest commiserations, sympathy, empathy & all the other ...pathies. Interesting list, good to see kids priorities are pretty nailed on from the outset.

Shirley said...

Thanks for the best chuckle in awhile, AG!

Anonymous said...

Now there's where I've been going wrong in employment!

I'm off to buy a hat and cultivate Big Boobs.

Laura said...

ROTFL at the Scarcrows

scrappysue said...

very. scary. also very cute, but cute probably won't help!

Helena said...

I had an associated kind of posting back in August, Gwen. We mums and our


Not From Lapland said...

a hat society...the mind boggles. But at least it sounds like she's going to get a job to help pay for all those short skirts and padded bra's...

auntiegwen said...

LKSN - she wants to start a pirates society too

NB - I think we can guess

Secretia - heartbreaking, truly truly sad

Matt- I'll bear that in mind, wise words, my friend

Alison - so feckin typical isn't it ?

frankie - yep, how right you are, the early days were a doddle as you had the control

WM - no academic snobbery allowed on this blog, her first choice is a Masters in Education @ Glasgow and then BA Hons with QTS in primary Education @ Northampton

RLS - oh I know you know, kindred spirits and all xx

Shirley - as I always say, my life is very entertaining if you don't have to live it

Mud - sadly I have both, have I made a fortune? not on your nelly

Lolly - yep but you are actually a bone fide student

Sue - she will stroll through life being decorative and not functional

Lena - yep, you said it all

heather - they all meet up and go drinking whilst wearing hats!! and she doesn't need the padded bras, natures been very kind in that dept !