Sunday 18 April 2010

I thank you...

I have been awarded some nice new bloggy bling which are now up on my cybershelf of nice things. This lovely one from Mrs W.

On this new template it's less clear than the old pink, but I promise you if you clink on the names, by the magic of the bloggy hyperlinking fairy she will take you immediately to these good people's blogs.

Now I need to tell you 7 things I'd rather not tell you. Jeez, this is hard, you know how fat, skint, old and boring I am, I share everything with you.

1. I'd rather not tell you that I accepted a man to be my friend on facebook purely because he was nice looking, we only have 1 friend in common and that's a blog friend so I have never ever met him.

2. I'd rather not tell you what I would do to David Tennant if I got the chance.

3. I'd rather not tell you about my very quick date with the man with the worst teeth in the world.

4. I'd rather not tell you about my few dates with a semi famous comedian and how this relationship is slightly teetering because I think I am funnier than he is. Despite the fact he gets paid and people turn up to see him.

5. I'd rather not tell you about how my very first ex still texts me and still wants to see me and do stuff he used to do to me.

6. I'd rather not tell you that I'd quite like him to, because he was good, far too good.

7. I'd rather not tell you that I feel extremely guilty about this because I don't actually like him very much.

Moving swiftly on, this lovely one came from Tuppence

Please feel free to take either of the awards and do either the tag if you're brave enough. My lovely friend Mae asked me weeks ago for my ten favourite things, I'm not counting family and friends as I'd fill my ten with them alone so other than that, in no particular order

1 Sunshine
2 A good book
3 Live music
4 Live comedy
5 Pink fizzy
6 Being thin enough to fit into your jeans
7 Kisses, especially on the neck or back
8 Looking forward to a Saturday night out
9 The internet, where would I be without it?
10 Rum and raisin ice cream

And last but not least a great big thank you to the lovely, lovely reader who nominated me for a Mads award, Sally from the mads popped in to tell me that I have been nominated for mad Blogger of the year and funniest mad blog, well my life is quite mad but it's only fecking funny when you're not living it! But to the person who could be arsed to log on and vote, tapadh leat (thank you) You are truly very kind and I appreciate the gesture, muchly x


Anonymous said...

Ooh - kisses on my back have ot be just about my favourite ever. But I always get told I'm weird. So good to know it isn't just me!

DAB said...

"Nominated for mad Blogger of the year and funniest mad blog, well my life is quite mad but it's only fecking funny when you're not living it!"

Love those words :)

Sueann said...

I would love to hear about the man with the worst teeth in the world??!! And the ex is still texting huh? Hmmmm! If he is that good...then...well I'm just saying...!!!!
Kisses on the neck are wonderful if done by the right person or a really cute puppy!!

A Woman Of No Importance said...

You have a charmed life, Beautiful Auntie Gwennie, one in which you enchant men, obviously!

Wishing you great luck with the competition; There's no-one more MAD - In a good way, of course! ;)

Much love and luck,

Fhi x

libby said...

Well done you.....and YES kisses..on...the...back..and..neck.....WTF??? WHO DOES'NT THINK THESE ARE THE BEST THINGS EVER???? and who is the semi famous comedian? and you are very very modern with the facebook and the twitter and the electricity and all!!

Working Mum said...

I never trust anyone who likes rum and raisin ice cream. Yuk!

auntiegwen said...

Mud - neck and back kisses are the best.

TF - oh yes, I'm just here to make you all feel better about your own life :)

SueAnn - oh no I never return to the scene of the crime! x

Fhina - oh I enchant some men all right, some men are really keen,they're usually not men I'm keen back on, I never win anything because I don't compete, never have never will x

Libby - I don't do twitter at all, I have no clue and I'm sure the world's a better place for that !

WM - I love rum and raisin flavoured anything, ice cream, fudge, chocolate, yummy

Autumn Mist said...

I am totally with you on the rum and raisin thing...

Anonymous said...

Late to this particular party - and I'd rather not tell you how cranky I am with myself for that. :)

auntiegwen said...

Matthew - we were only killing time till you got here ;)

Chic Mama said...

Haha, I love your I haven't got men on my facebook either because they're goodlooking. ;0)
Wish I had someone texting me though...could do with some spice in my life! :0S