Friday 17 June 2011

A chuisle mo chridhe

Tomorrow The Beautiful Son will be 16. I love being his Mummy, although he drives me round the bend with...

his omnipresent moaning about how slow our Internet speeds are
his work shy tendencies
his eat anything and worry about ownership later stuff
his ability to wind both his sisters up to cross, shouty, shreikyness
his complete disinterest in revising for any test or exam
his total obsession with stripping down his bike/Call of Duty/youtube/facebook and twitter


He still talks to me.
He still kisses me and hugs me at least once a day.
He makes me howl with laughter in a way no one else can.
He knows when I'm upset when no one else notices.
He said on FaceBook (which makes it official) that I was the person in the whole world he was closest to.

I wouldn't change a thing, he makes me happy and I love him. Jack, a chuisle mo chridhe.


Sueann said...

I have one child...a son...he rocks my world. Glad yours does as well!
My son has five children...they rock my world as well. I am blessed

Gigi said...

Happy birthday to your handsome son!

And really?? He said that on Facebook? Out loud for the whole world to see? Then, yup, it MUST be true!

Autumn Mist said...

The joys of having a son, eh? Is he taller than you? That's always a bit weird. My son has a wicked sense of humour, too, I know because sometimes it's just the two of us laughing and everyone else is straight-faced. Oh well. You are extremely honoured with the facebook comment. I have been forbidden to kiss my son in public since he was 8!

auntiegwen said...

SueAnn - if all of my children go on to have 5 children I will be a very happy nana :) x

Gigi - on formspring on facebook, couldn't believe it

AM - he is just shy of 6 ft 2 so nearly a foot taller than me now, he's still quite huggy kissy but he's like that with his friends as well, still nice though :)

Andy said...

Happy birthday, tall dude.

libby said...

Such a fine fella..... a lovely lad with a mother who should be proud! happy birth-day both...x

auntiegwen said...

Andy - cheers

Libs - not too shabby is he?

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Boy <3 xxx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

He's a handsome boy and you really are a brilliant Mum - the Facebook comment says it all xx

Taz said...

Aww Penblwydd Hapus!
I love having such a close relationship with my two so I know how much that swells your heart - it makes up for all the bad stuff we've had to put up with (not with them but in life)

Ayak said...

That is just the nicest thing a 16 year old son can say about his mother on Facebook. Am so impressed. A very happy birthday to him xx

Macy said...

Kisses and hugs???
So jealous!

Mrs Worthington said...

Boys you gotta love em - or hate em sometimes but mainly love the mumping big lumps. Happy birthday to your wee one

Helena said...

Happy Birthday sweet remind me of some-one else I know.....!!

Sandi said...

He is very good looking, obviously takes after you then. I have three kids, two boys and a girl. Middle son who is 22 is like that, he is fine tuned to me and has been known to sit and cry with me. He never stopped kissing or hugging me in front of his mates as he grew up. Very special hey!
So a big happy 16 and may the laughter continue.
x Sandi

Curry Queen said...

Ah bless! They're getting towards human at that age aren't they and he is a handsome beastie. Happy birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday TBS!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday TBS!

Laura said...

Awwww! That was a lovely post! Happy Birthday Jack!

Nota Bene said...

Aaaaah...that's lovely.. and happy birthday laddie

auntiegwen said...

Fhina - yep I haven't killed him yet, such an achievement for me

LFBS - erm no, I've been quite a grumpy mummy over the weekend, I think I'm not top of his parenting pops at the moment

Taz - ooh I love Welsh, that sounds great :)

Ayak - yep somedays he loves me lots, other days when I expect a little bit of effort from him he likes me a whole lot less

Macy - he knows it stops me wanting to kill him, it's his get out of jail free card

Mrs W - I do always love him but some days more than others

Lena - I racked my brains thinking who could that be ;) !!!

Sandi - like you my dear all the kids good points come from me and all the kids bad points come from their dad :) xx

CQ - not quite human yet, I live in hope

Jon - thank you, now I have sorted out his presents for this year but as you're going to adopt him, next year you're on your own :)

Lolly - sometimes I can be a nice mummy, I mean 1 nice blog a year should be enough for anyone right?

NB - good accent mate :)