Monday 6 June 2011

A game of 2 halfs

Once upon a time this blog was filled with tales of nights out, drinking, flirting and gigs. Now it's filled with tales of kitchen porn and The White Company. It's so hard to keep my reckless middle aged streak at bay.

Readers, in a last ditch attempt to redress the balance, I shall regale you of my Saturday night out.

I went all the way up to Sheffield to see Kasabian. Incidentally the support band Modern Faces were brilliant, another great band singing in their own accents.

One up to the recycled teenager within.

I was right up at the front, 3rd row from the stage, not in the upstairs viewing area with seats, oh no, down with the moshers, close enough to see Tom Meigham's spots and be envious of his ring finger tattoo.

Two nil

I got soaking wet in beer and other peoples sweat

Three nil

I got moshed and bashed around mainly by topless men.

Four nil

I wasn't wearing sensible shoes

Five nil

I didn't leave before the end, I stayed to hear the last song, even though that meant having to pay for an extra 2-4 hours in the car park, yep an extra £4 for 5 minutes. In the clip coming up, I was much nearer the front, just in front of Tom the lead singer.

Six nil.

I went to bed on a different day to when I got up.

Seven nil

Oh yes, I've still got it, middle aged, pah...

I shan't mention the fact that I was cross that it cost extra to book online even though you could only book online, or that it cost £10 to post them even though there was no option to collect in person or that they charged for ticket insurance or some such other nonsense and that the total cost bore no relation to the advertised price. No indeed, for that would make me sound middle aged.

And I shall gloss over the fact that getting covered in sweat and beer made we very wet and quite chilly on the drive home.

We won't go into my feet hurting quite a bit as they weren't in their usual fitflops. In fact they suffered the podiatral equivalent of vertigo.

We shall also make light of my attempts to master the iPhone (yes, eventually I too, have been appletized) and you don't need/want to know that the reason I succumbed to said iPhone was because the buttons and text on the BlackBerry pearl were just too small in the end.

And you are most definitely better off without the knowledge that my best friends mum (who I love dearly but is a pensioner) was giving me tips on using said iPhone and said to me, in the most helpful manner, "if you turn it sideways it makes the keys bigger and easier to type"

Which would have been so much better if it hadn't been preceded with the query to my best friend asking "how can I reply to Wendy if she texts me?"

I think we'll call it a draw, you're not counting any more


Sueann said...

Wow! What a night!! Well written for I was there with you for sure. All wet and feeling the beat!!
Good for you
Who says Youth is wasted on the young!!
Oldsters rock on!!

auntiegwen said...

Sue Ann - I may have said when I was leaving that it may have been my last mosh pit but we shall see! x

Elderberry-Rob said...

A lot of things are making me feel middle aged lately - and this clip was one of them - I couldn't hear a tune in there - in my younger days it didn't matter as long there was a beat - but I do need a tune nowadays. Also, I definitely would not have like to be soaked in other peoples sweat - I have just triumphantly come out the other side of the menopausal sweats and so no thankyou - no sweat for me. Beer soakings I could enjoy - the smell of beer soaked feet would take me back to my younger days as a barmaid in venues like this one. Oh, it's all coming back to me now, the reason I am severely deaf was attributed to working in these venues too. I am without a doubt middle aged.

auntiegwen said...

Betty - oh I am too, I just like to attempt something vaguely youthful from time to time :) x

Sweet Seahorse said...

Several years ago I (accidentally) ended up in the front row at a Henry Rollins gig. I hope it was a mobile phone in the pocket of the man who was mashed up behind me for several hours! And the only sensible shoe is a Doc Marten! I wouldn't go to a concert without them.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Gwennie, I am disturbed at your 'middle aged steak??!'... Did I miss something?!

Love the clips - I'm off to see my beloved Stevie Nicks soon in Hyde Park - That makes me middle aged, I reckon... Add to that the fact that Rod the Mod is also on stage (yikes!) - I am becoming old-aged, I think! ;) xxx

Trish said...

I think you're very brave and hip being at a gig, at the front and staying until the end. I don't know if my bladder would have permitted that.

Andy said...

Ah c'mon the mosh pit at a Kasabian gig? Surely no right thinking person over the age of 25 would do anything so harebrained.

Would they?

auntiegwen said...

SS - I think DM's with the smartie pattern on them would be just the cut of aunties jib!

Fhina - never ever old, my dear :)

Trish - I would tell you I had my tena ladies on but I will refrain just in case someone wanders in that is destined to be the next mrauntiegwen and the mention of my poor bladder control puts him off!!!

Andy - you're right, no SANE person would think it was a good idea!!!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Ooh I'm jealous, will have to put moshing on my to do list x

auntiegwen said...

LFBS - wear sensible shoes and take a change of clothing for the journey home :) ah yes, learn from your aunties mistakes :)

Curry Queen said...

God, I'm just so glad someone else rejected the Blackberry for the size of its (pinhead) buttons! My children deride me non stop for having an iphone (and typing slowly!)

auntiegwen said...

CQ - you must be my long lost twin, I am the slowest typer in the world, my children had tears pouring down their face watching me

Anonymous said...

That brings back a few memories of past nights out - but it has been a while. You are clearly not quite as middle aged as you though. Personally, I think you are only as old as you feel anyway (85 today since you asked).

Rarelesserspotted said...

Great blog, glad you enjoyed your gig - sounds like the audience experience was just as entertaining as the band!

Gigi said...

NOOOOOOOO!!! Don't tell me you've been appletized! Maybe instead of the Pearl the Curve would have been a better fit. Damn, another one lost to the dark side! ;-)

Macy said...

I'd give you extra points for knowing Tom Meigham's name - never mind that he has spots!

libby said...

'rock concerts, fancy phones, staying out till all hours, beer....' who are you and what have you done with AuntieGwen?????

auntiegwen said...

Alienne - 85 is my default setting usually :)

Steve - the pushing in in front was at epic level, I watched a younfg girl enthusiastically snogging who I thought was her boyfriend move onto the guy right at the crash barrier at the front and snog him. Snog for unrestricted view? each to their own I suppose xxx

Gigi - back with my purple pearl today, I couldn't get internet with the Iphone, fear not my dear

Macy - they're from the town that I live very near, huge band round these parts

Libs - oh I'm still here, I just like to pretend I'm not middle aged from time to time :) xx

Sandi said...

Go Auntie!! I get my shot of youth twice a week at the dance centre, I've been known to break out into dance with the best of them (hiphop being the classes taught whilst I'm there) But not covered in sweat or beer, or unfortunatly no shirtless boys either.
x Sandi

auntiegwen said...

Sandi - you wouldn't have wanted these shirtless boys, truly! xx

Nota Bene said...

I stopped reading at 7-0. Sounds like you had a winning night.

An iPhone???? Shame, shame, shame on you

Mrs Worthington said...

Go Auntie G! Gig your heart out, dance till you drop and apple yourself to death. If this is middle ages it rocks because we just don't care and don't mind who knows it either

Laura said...

Geeez! I'm feeling old for you cause the idea of being in a mosh pit coverd in beer and sweat is not my idea of a good night out lol

Great videos though :O)

Penelope Grey said...

Crumbs, I would have struggled with the sweaty part, would not have enjoyed that at all. Impressed not only that you were right at the front, you stayed right till the end as well. If it were me, I would have been neatly tucked away at a polite distance, away from the sweaty snogging barechested people and the flying beer! Love Kasabian though!

Online Blackjack said...

A game of 2 half’s shows the nice video of runner live. I went all the way up to Sheffield to see Kasabian. Incidentally the support band Modern Faces were brilliant, another great band singing in their own accents.

Taz said...

See I knew you still had it in you, we'll both get in a mosh pit together one day eh? Never say never ;) x

Taz said...

Just wanted to add - I am so sorry to hear about your sister. Sending many understanding ((((hugs)))) I've walked that road and it sucks xx