Friday 9 May 2014

Normal service will resume shortly...

My blog has gone a bit bodge, that's a technical term obviously as you all know how fan dabby dozey I am with technology. I thought I'd lost a bit of it as there was a lot of white screen but if you go away down far enough some other stuff is there, I don't know how to fix it, clearly, so I shall cross my fingers, keep writing stuff and hope it repairs itself.

I am having a bit of a run of broken/lost/problematic things at the moment. Our hot water tank appears to be leaking, we found this out when a patch of water appeared on the ceiling of the room below. The auntiegwen approach is to wrap the leaky bit in flannels and keep drying them out however I am now married and married to the kind of person who likes, nay needs to fix things, yes dear readers I married an engineer, he has a full complement of tools and fixery things but the water tank is winning at the moment. There has been lots of draining of things and turning water off and turning it back on, we still leak and every time I was my hands the water comes out with a ferocity and viciousness previously only seen in a hormonal and exam stressed BBD. I get soaked every time. I am tired of this game now.

I have lost my fitbit which made me sad, tis a sort of posh pedometer and was a Christmas gift.

Work has needed lots of patience and I don't have that much spare as general life is taking most of mine.

But huzzah, tis Friday and I have a very nice bottle of wine in the fridge for tonight, we have pizza and gogglebox (which I love, love, love).

Not too shabby, have a good weekend everyone


London City (mum) said...

Gawd - you too?

Last time the washing machine broke, I mentioned this to OH and before you could say "Time for a new one?" he had it in a million pieces.

'Twas "the brushes" apparently.

And, bless him, he fixed it too.
So I spent the money on something more useful.



libby said...

Oh I'm sure Mr AG will have it fixed in no time.....and as I type this the young scotsmen are doing tremendously well at cricket...Mr Libby has just shouted 'woah what a catch!)....y'see you have someone who can fix things...I have someone who watches people do things........anyhoo...huzzah daughter is coming home tonight, it is my dads birthday today and we are going over to see them tomorrow..with a bit of luck my ma won't be crotchety (sp?)and confused .....we will have to work out a date for drinks and laughter...not enough of that most months eh?xxxx

auntiegwen said...

LCM - oooh shoes, how lovely x

Libs - do Scottish people even play cricket? blimey!! yes please to drinks xxxx

Gigi said...

Sorry about the technical difficulties (and the hot water tank too!) but if it's any consolation, the blog doesn't look off on this end.

auntiegwen said...

Gigi - fab, glad to hear it

Curry Queen said...

Oh lawks - I got a fitbit it for Christmas too and have also lost mine :-( It's stopped sending me weekly updates, so I'm pretty sure it's gone to fitbit heaven, not been nicked by someone else. Not cheap to replace either.

Nota Bene said...

Noooooo! Not Gogglebox. My pet hate, The Cat's Mother's pet love

auntiegwen said...

CQ - I miss my fit bit :(

NB - I have that with the Bear Grylls thing, Andrew loves it and I can't bear it, such is the joys of married life!

Jay said...

Oh dear I hope you get the leak sorted soon, I have a dribble leak on a radiator which is also being stemmed by tea towels! I live with a builder who employs a plumber but I'm no closer to ever getting it sorted!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

The blog looks fine, and hopefully the wine was fine and the water tank will be fine soon too x

auntiegwen said...

Jay - that's made me feel so much better, tea towels for the win

LFBS - water tank still leaking, wine always fine :)x