Tuesday 10 April 2007

Back again

Just back from our Easter visit home to the Mother Country. All good, had a lovely time with family in Glasgow and then through to Edinburgh to visit friends. Very well behaved I was and not one single solitary drop of the red stuff did I partake of.

Worst child of the week award goes to the beautiful son who is becoming a sulky wee sod, I cannot bear sulking, it really ticks me off. He nearly redeemed himself by giving me the best laugh of the week when as requested I drove him to see Murrayfield Stadium and told him it was customary to get out and kiss the ground it was on and he did ! but he really is getting whiney when he doesn't get his own way.

My gadget mad Dad gave me a spare telly as he's bought a new one and also 2 new telephones as he's bought some swanky new ones. Again boys and their toys. I did persuade him not to buy sat nav as only my mum can drive and she only goes to the supermarket and my sisters house.

Feeling a bit tired after my visit home, I've eaten far too much rubbish, haven't run since last Wednesday and haven't had enough sleep. My skin's in rag order and why the hell have I got wrinkles and spots ? that just doesn't seem fair, I'll be thinking God's a bloke soon.

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Anonymous said...

God has to be a man. Gwen take a look around this world. ONLY a man would let this kinda stuff happen. LOL. Woman on the other hand know how to control things. Case closed. Me doesn't like me own freckles either. BLAH. But ya must be having some warm weather there. WAHHH....We is still freezing. Me is anyways. Ahh well.....Welcome back...