Thursday 26 April 2007

Taught her everything she knows

Yesterday Eldest Beautiful Daughter was babysitting and had to pick the children up from school. On arrival at the school, the little lad's teacher told her that when he was putting his chair on top of his desk, it had fallen off and bumped him on the head. The teacher told her to give him a cold flannel and some TLC when she got him home.

When she was telling me about this later, I asked her if she had done what the teacher had suggested and was he okay and she replied in her own inimitable style

" Cold flannel and TLC my arse, I gave him a chocolate biscuit and let him watch Horrid Henry, he was grand "

That my friends is my daughter, been taught well , childcare - the Auntie Gwen style


lisa q. said...

my beautifulbabydaughter got smacked in the head at work the other night with a big ass mug rack...could saved some $$$ if i had read this first instead of sending her to the

auntiegwen said...

I think any children she has will thrive on benign neglect !!

Helena said...

LOL....What a wonderful reply! And far more likely to work!!