Thursday, 5 April 2007

Still feckin here

Should have been in the Mother Country by now. Had a phone call asking me if I would like to teach a short 4 week parenting course. Please write it and come and present your outline to the local high school's business manager. Jeez, you wouldn't think high school's would need business manager's would you ?

As I have no money due to buying all the scented candles and waste your money shopping I do, I don't say sorry it's the holidays and I'm going away, I knuckle down and write a course outline and plan some lessons. I've done this before for the same person and I'm still waiting on the course to run, the joy of being freelance ! So I know I'll have a shorter break, upset the beautiful children, do shed loads of work and might still get nothing out of it.

They don't want it called a parenting course as if they do the people who need it might not come. I have to teach people to bring up their kids but pretend I'm not teaching them .

The news that not only are we leaving later but also having to come back earlier as I have to go to a meeting on April 11th, goes down like a lead balloon. My kids ADORE my parents and are really close to them, EBD has arranged to stay with her friend in Edinburgh and this is being cut really short, everybody is pissed off, including me. TBS is usually the most placid and easy going of the 3 and who never gets cross with me, makes his feeling known and I am shocked to be spoken to like that by him. BBD who I thought would be the worst is a real wee star about it.

Lots of tears and tantrums later I go back to the pc to finish the feckin thing. As I'm typing the course title ( chosen by the school and not me) the EBD walks past and reads aloud

How to have Happy Children

and remarks in her ironic teenage way " good luck with that mum"

I'm going to add an extra week onto it and call it how to have kids happy or otherwise and remain sane !

So today I am driving to Scotland and I will now be returning on the 10th when I will resume my normal ramblings. again, have a great Easter xxx


Anonymous said...

How to have happy kids?? Oh plz Gwen if ya knows how to have happy teenagers email that part. If it would me would love to know how to have a happy teenager without bangin me head into a wall about 5 times a day trying to figure out what's wrong!!!!!!!! LOL

Teens is cheeky little things huh?? Why oh why?? That me can answer. To drive us mum's insane is why they so cheeky.

Ok. Question. Is a tyre like a tire on a car?? Just wondering!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh darn, cuz me is here to tell ya me knows that if they has testicles, balls or whatever name ya wants to put on it ya got more than trouble. OH YES!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its Sunday now.........HAPPY EASTER TO YOU AND YERS!!!!!!!!!!Hope it was a good one