Sunday 15 April 2007

Thank you God

I've had a bit of a difficult week this week. A few of my own personal issues, the beautiful children have been unsettled, my sister's pregnancy is not going as well as we'd hoped and then Beautiful Baby daughter scraped my neighbours car with her bike and it's going to cost £200 to repair and no she won't settle for scented candles instead of cash.

Yesterday something happened that put everything in perspective. The beautiful son and beautiful baby daughter were in a car, the car did a u turn and then out of nowhere a motorbike hit the side of them.

The car they were in was a saab and they were completely unhurt as was the driver. I got a phone call to go and collect them, the police and ambulance crew were there and they closed the road off. The motorbike driver was taken to hospital and I hope he makes a full recovery I don't think he has injured his head or neck.

Truly shocking to me was the ammount of people who were just out there watching, my children told me later that there were kids sitting on a bench opposite eating ice cream whilst this poor boy lay on the ground. What kind of parents allow their children to see this ?

I felt tremendous guilt for my initial feeling of relief and joy that my children were safe when someone else's son was lying on the ground. Please God let the boy make a full recovery.

So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU GOD my children are ok they are obviously quite shaken up by what they've been through but they are safe and unhurt, my sister is still pregnant and all the rest of the shit in my life I can find a way to deal with.


Anonymous said...


That really does put everything into shade and into perspective - hope everyone is well and stays that way. As for spectators at road accidents, the phrase "car crash TV" may sound a bit literal but it seems that's the way society is going these days.
Have faith, love and intergity and karma will sort your shit out.
Robbie :0)

lisa q. said...

i'm so glad they are okay and i pray the other boy will be's amazing sometimes what it takes to take our focus off of what sucks in life...

Helena said...

Oh, Gwen, I can't begin to imagine how that phone call alone must have felt. Give the kids a hug from me!

A good person will always feel initial relief when their kid's are safe, and a bout of guilt for the injured party thereafter! It's those ice-cream kid's I've a problem with!!

Take Care Gwen,

XxX wishes to your sister, too!

Neil said...

Just relieved that the kids are okay. Thinking about you...

N x

auntiegwen said...

A big huge thank you to you all. The boy was discharged from hospital on Saturday night and with no broken bones, he's got a very sore neck but no major injuries.

and I have my beautiful children and some beautiful friends too thanks guys xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank god the little boys ok....And you and yers are too. People watch stuff like that kinda like a ''train wreck'' . You dont wanna watch it happening but yer eyes wont listen to yer mind. Its a sin.

So glad the beautiful children are ok