Monday 10 March 2008

Eldest Beautiful Daughter

Tomorrow my beautiful girl will be 16. She has always been a delight to me and I cannot imagine life without her, way too boring. She is a gorgeous mixture of part adult part baby, she looks so grown up sometimes and at others I can still see her with pigtails and a lollipop.

I really must fess up and say I haven't done her any favours in the growing up stakes. I have done everything for her and consequently she is not a fully functioning human yet. I shudder to think how she'll manage living independently. She doesn't know how to clean, use a washing machine or iron. She can only make toast, spaghetti hoops and tinned soup. She has never used a cash machine, paid a bill or made an appointment for the Dr's, dentist or optician. I do all of that for her, she can't even ask a sales assistant in a shop for anything, I have to ask if they've got it in a 6.

But she is kind, funny, smart and extremely beautiful and I have 2 years to teach her how to live. So join with me in wishing her the best year yet, she is my beloved first child, I cannot tell you how much I love her, she is my heart, Mo Chridhe


lisa q. said...

happy birthday BED! :D

Karen said...

I feel exactly the same about my beautiful daughter, who's just turned 18. She'll soon be casting off into the big wide world, and to be honest I'm kind of dreading it - she's so great to be around.

Poetess said...


Thankfully my two boys are totally independant. It was forced on them however when I injured my back. They were only 10 and 12 at the time. Now they are 20 and 18 and can do all household chores inclucing cooking ironing. My back is a lot better but they still won't let me do their washing. They will make fantastic husbands.

I feel guilty however that they lost some of their child hood.


DAB said...

Hapy Birthday to BED, well done Mum. TFX

auntiegwen said...

Thank you so much for the empathy Lisa and Karen.

Poetess, the family that pulls together, stays together, and as for the guilt, it's an omnipresent facet of motherhood, isn't it ? we can always find a guilt stick to beat ourselves with

TF - well done me for producing a nearly functioning human ? mmm, just as well I've got another 2 to practice on !!!

indigo16 said...

My eldest is 16 this July and yes its the same with her. When I was 16 I had a part time job and could cook a Sunday roast! I really wish I could send her to a Finishing School, I am toying with sending her to Paris to Au pair that should do the trick! but when she's gone it will be like loosing a limb.

Anonymous said...

Hope that BED had a wonderful birthday. Me own girl's b/d is next week. OHHHHHHHH me feels so old now. LOL. Even though me wont admit to being over 29 ;)

auntiegwen said...

Alison - it's sad that just as you get them to be nice and good company they leave you

newf - welcome back, and I'm glad that in this ever changing world , you remain 29