Monday 15 December 2008

Last Week of Term

Can you hear the glad tidings ? Can you hear the whoop whoop auntiegwen happy noise ? I have only this week to go and then I finish for two whole weeks, how good is that ?

I have had a particularly horrible term, I usually love teaching but I have a very challenging group (that's the technical term for it, I have another one myself ...) I knew it was bad when someone who knows me too well made my New Year Resolution for me and it was to apply for 3 new jobs ! Sorry, you have had to listen to a lot but I am grateful really !

This week I have to be observed 3 times, by my head of department, by a student and by a colleague, no pressure then as our students remain completely focused and engaged in their learning, as it their wont until the very last minute of term as I'm sure you can imagine all teenagers do, they are so on form, especially on the last day of school before Christmas.

Today I got an email from the head asking me if tomorrow afternoon my (particularly challenging) class would be able to help out at our Old Age Pensioners party that the school holds every year. Obviously he hasn't met them en masse.

Jesus, Mary and Holy St Joseph, haven't these pensioners suffered enough ? Surviving a world war, maybe 2 wars, rationing, pensions and houses being worth fourpence and a caramel, the choice between eating or dying of hypothermia and any ill health they may have and what have got to look forward to ? A party at the local high school ?

It's almost worth giving up smoking, drinking and eating anything remotely tasty just to stay alive long enough for my year 12's to come along with ipod earphones a dangling, gum hinging out and all the "Huh's well goods, innits and that's sick man" they can hope to hear in an afternoon, complete with the beautiful attire of trousers hanging off their arse with at least 6 inches of boxers on show. Oh yes, they'll be pleased they've lived long enough to see the youth of today.

On a more serious note, the students may surprise me, they may be the charming and polite teenager their parent hopes that they'll be. I live in hope.


DAB said...


Roll on Thursday 1.45pm, goodbye students. Hello freedom. Ahhh, I can smell the gravy :) TFx

Anonymous said...

You have my utmost admiration teaching the youth of today. I certainly couldn't do that or want to.

Tim Atkinson said...

And then, on the other hand...!!! I have been surprised once or twice by kids I found virtually unteachable; humbled too, now and then. Your remark about them en masse hits the nail on the head, though. Take the toughest, gobbiest, could-give-a-shit-est away from his/her audience and outside their personal comfort zone and it can sometimes be surprising. Sometimes.

ME said...

I'm going to hope right along with you that the kids surprise you and behave.

Shirley said...

I love your rants, AG. ("houses worth fourpence and a caramel")

Best wishes for the "observation" times. Hope it all goes better than expected.

A Confused Take That Fan said...

Good luck with the observations. My observation for ya is that the Boden sale started on the 12th. Fact. Cheap knitwear Auntie. Cheap knitwear.
And why do young uns today wear their trousers so low you can see all their Calvins? Who started it? What's it all about? And finishing every sentence with innit? innit what?

Anonymous said...

Mine finish midday Friday and I'm finishing work at the same time (with a bit of luck!)
It is hard enough being a parent of a year 8 and year 10 child, but teaching them? You couldn't pay me enough to do that! I have the UTMOST respect for anyone who does your job!

Anonymous said...

Oh girl. I'm so feeling you! Thank God for holiday breaks. Mine have been particulary challenging too and I intend to congratulate myself on making it through half of the school year without killing anyone or begging my doctor for a Valium prescription with huge amounts of drinking.

indigo16 said...

Observed by a student! you have got to be joking? What on earth has happened to this profession?
I hope you have a relaxing break and the day out with your students does not induce too much stress. I find the bolshier they are, the quieter they are when out of their comfort zone, so fingers crossed.

Mean Mom said...

I hope that everything went well and that your year 12s didn't 'show themselves up', or you. No doubt you will soon let us know.

You are a star to take on year 12s. I couldn't do it, innit.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Good luck, hope you took along a whip and a chair just in case!

Nota Bene said...

Two weeks of holiday. That's outrageous...I'm getting two weeks and I'm not a teacher. Teachers are supposed to have endless holidays, having spent term time in the spirit of 'History Boys. I'm not happy.

Working Mum said...

Observed just before Christmas? How unfair is that? If anyone observed me in the last two weeks they wouldn't see any teaching going on as I couldn't speak to my classes without dissolving into a coughing fit. I did directed, but independent learning, ie I gave them worksheets and went round helping them. Oh, and two days in the computer room doing stuff on the internet (for 'stuff' read 'playing Christmas games')

I finished yesterday though; hurray for Christmas Hols!!

scrappysue said...

teenagers. pfft. that's a funny post gwenie



come see aunty sue for christmas - i have wine....

and chocolate...

LOTS of chocolate

Undercover Mother said...

On the other hand, in short order the pensioners will be the very same who dropped acid in the Haight and didn't bathe for weeks on end of "free love."

Hanging pants can't hold a candle to that kind of reckless youth.

auntiegwen said...

TF - mine don't say whatever, how bizarre, they say everything else

mannanan - I have to confess, it's not going too well at the moment

Tim - you're right, on a 1 to 1 they're ok but in their little gangs thay can be pure hell

Craze - they could have been a lot worse

Shirley - I survived, my head of Dept was pleased

ACTTF - I heard the Gospel Chorus singing "Oh Happy Days" when I read that, I love Boden

penelope - thanks, somedays I don't know how I do it !

lisa - I'm so with you x

Ali - have a great trip, and yes, we do have to be observed every term by students, peers and H of D !!!

MM - most days i can't

Mob - a stun gun and mace more like

NB - thank you so much, you're always on my side !

WM - it's a crap time isn't it ?

Sue - enjoy your hols and I'll def look forward to visiting auntiesue, wine and choc, sold !

Mof3 - yep, I got kissed and squiged more than once by the game old men !