Friday 10 August 2007

Happy Birthday Mum

Arrived back after my visit to The Beautiful Parents. Happy Birthday to The Beautiful Mother who is 63 today, and because I love her, I left before lunch time so she could actually enjoy her birthday without me and mine cluttering up her house ! She usually needs a good rest after my 3 have been, she waits on them hand and foot. She also lets them eat anything they like and I mean anything, ice cream for breakfast - no problem. What my kids don't get is that it wasn't like that for me when I was growing up, they think it was like some Glaswegian Disneyland with all you can eat sweeties and junk food, wall to wall tellies and very liberal parenting. Ok let the Edinbuggers amongst you retort that that's what happens in weegieland anyway.

I had a very nice trip, which included several museums, art galleries, Loch Lomond, Balmaha and Luss and okay some shops and plenty Starbucks

Whilst I was in Scotland I had the extreme misfortune to go and see Hairspray with my sister and my girls. Whatever you do, DO NOT GO AND SEE THAT FECKIN MOVIE. It was truly truly pants, it was also 2 hours of my life wasted that I will never get back and when you're half way to being dead, all your hours count. Everyone else loved it, I thought the best thing about it was the Irn Bru advert, the one where the goths get summer happy, genius, I loved it.

I was lucky enough to receive shed loads of text messages whilst I was away, which I love, but the funniest one was from Rhys Daniel who is The Beautiful Son 's maddest mate. It read " hey wot time u comin home anyway i got a tent for my birthday so come sleep im it tnite " I replied in very correct English that I would be home in 4 hours and thanks for the offer of the sleepover but wouldn't he prefer TBS. He replied that he's texted TBS and he hadn't replied, well fair play. On the drive home I got another 3 texts from him telling me to drive faster. When I got back he was sitting on my front doorstep waiting for us ! I think he missed The Beautiful Son.

Excuse me whilst I go lie down in a darkened room as I will be forty feckin one on Sunday and after the delight of a 6 hour 330 mile drive with 3 ungrateful, overheated, sugar highed children I feel the need for a large glass of the red stuff. Make sure you wake me up at 10 pm for Grumpy Old Women on BBC2, though won't you ?


Anonymous said...

41 on Sunday?? NO WAY... Be like me and tell them you is 29 and if they don't like it one day yer gonna wake up on yer birthday and be 39 and never be any older. At least that's what me been telling me 2 loving {{ HA LOVING? ME FOOT ;) }} children. LOL

Glad ya had a good time. The thing with grandparents huh?? The spoil yer children silly and then you has to deal with the fall out. Don't worry Auntie Gwen ya will get yer revenge on them Beautiful Children of yers. Oh yes. The fun you will one day have. Remember that.. In case me internet acts up and me cant get online on Sunday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU

Good to have ya home. YAY Gwen's home.........LOL

lisa q. said...

awww grandparents! god love 'em!

you didn't take him up on the sleepover offer? might have been fun! haha, just kidding! :D

glad you had a good trip...have a fabulous birthday gwen! glad you're home! love ya! :P

Anonymous said...

It is Sunday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR AUNTIE GWEN HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! In a singing voice which fortunately for you , you can't hear cuz yer ears would start to bleed. ;) Hope ya has a happy birthday and remember what me told ya on Friday. {{Note: first comment LOL}}. And yes me felt the kick in the pants me so richly deserved for that last comment. LOL ;) Get that glass of red stuff into ya girl and have a good {{no make that a GREAT}} day.

Helena said...


Thanx for the movie tip. I saw the 80's version with Debbie Harry in it and - despite being a huge Blondie fan - it was mince the first time round. too!

Rhys sounds a wee charmer! Not many mums are hits with their sons' friends, Gwen. You're obviously a very hip mum!

redsmom94 said...

Hey Auntie G.~

It's Sunday, so Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great one with the Beautiful Family.


auntiegwen said...

Lena, it's a peculiar talent I have, small boys love me, so do old men it's the 18 to 50 year olds that I have a problem with.