Saturday 18 August 2007

Thinking you're funny

One of my biggest faults is that I think I'm really funny and I don't always allow for people not understanding my particular style of humour. I think I can be a bit cruel in my humour and can give a right good slaggin but in my defence I love it if someone belts it right back at me.

I feel sometimes that because I'm Scottish, non scots don't always get my sense of humour, I'm a bit parochial. I love the fact that BBC2 are showing Still Game in England and the kids and I tune in on Thursdays at 10pm for our little bit of home grown humour. Also on BBC2 on Friday nights is Grumpy Old Women which the kids and I also watch. There's a real comfort in knowing you're not alone in your little foibles and struggles against the world.

Yesterday himself and I went to Starbucks for lunch, twas very citing for me as I hadn't seen him for 2 weeks and also my lovely, lovely friend Lou had sent me a pre paid Starbucks card for my birthday, how good a present was that for me ? !!!

Again, difficult to buy presents for, me ??? come on.

Anyway, I digress we're at the counter and I ordered himselfs grande full fat latte with 4 shots and my venti coffee light frappucino and paid with the card. then himself says " What do you say to the nice lady? " in a tone you would use on a 5 year old child and I was puzzled because I had been very polite. Now I know as a Mummy out of the holy trinity of Please, Thank You and Sorry I had used the 2 appropriate ones. " Don't get you, sweetie" I murmured and himself says in the same tone as before " Say sorry to the nice Starbucks lady " a bit puzzled I enquired why, to which he replied " Say sorry for going to Cafe Nero with Lara " which 2 weeks ago, I'm sorry to say was true, she had a free voucher and we used it although I didn't like it there honest !!!
Of course at this point I cracked up and now the nice Starbucks lady thinks we're both mad. Later on he told me that in boring meetings, him and his mates sometimes play bullshit bingo which is when someone says management jargon they can cross it off their list. Now I thought that was a gas idea, I know as a teacher I have real wanky phrases and I'm sure all professions have them, so next time I have a staff meeting I'll prepare my list for it. Who would have thought management consultants had such a good sense of humour ?

I now realise that it doesn't matter if most people don't think you're funny, if you find some people who do, then you're good.


Gwen said...

As long as you have at least one friend who thinks you are funny its OK. The two of you can have a good laugh at everyone else and if they don't find it funny, well, that's their problem.

Also I have heard of the Bullshit Bingo and used to have a list of them. Things like "Pushing the Envelope" "Bluesky Thinking" and so on. It's really funny and your creativity goes into overdrive when you have to explain to the managing director just what it was that you found so funny about the latest accounting objectives.

lisa q. said...

too funny! i think as a teacher you have to have a strange sense of humor...otherwise, the kids don't get you! :D

auntiegwen said...

Gwen, too true, it is 1 of the things that bind you with your friends isn't it, but do you think as a race, we scots prize it more highly than other nations ?

Lisa, would love to compare teachy phrases with you, we can swap !!!