Monday 27 August 2007

The Perfect Weekend

Portofino Coast in Italy
With The Beautiful Man
From Wednesday to Sunday

How good is that ?


Anonymous said...

Good enough to wonder if he has a twin OR kill you an scoop him up all for me.

Ver, very spot. Damn, u go to the best places. Me wants one like him.

lisa q. said...

OMG! absolutely gorgeous! :P

DAB said...

Did you find a Starbucks? TF

auntiegwen said...

Newfie - I know, I know, he's fab and I'm very lucky

Lisa - it really is beautiful, and the hotel was tres tres posh,the car park was full of porshes, bmw's and even an aston martin !!!

TF _ no, we did have one at the airport before we left, but I did drink lots of cappucinos but not from my beloved Starbucks but no complaints !!!

Gwen said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. It's a shame you couldn't have brought it all back with you.

Helena said...

What a lovely peaceful scene! Worth the wait I'd say!

auntiegwen said...

Gwen - I love getting away as I don't like where I live, so anywhere else fills me with deep and profound joy. He could have taken me to Skegness and I'd have been happy

Lena - never a truer word.