Monday 6 August 2007


I'm driving home to The Mother Country today to visit The Beautiful Parents. I will be there until Friday, there's only so many biscuits and so much plasma screen telly a girl can watch . Eldest Beautiful Daughter usually makes me a cd for the journey with all my current faves on but we had no blank discs left, so I will have to do without my current favourite song " Plug in baby" by Muse. Never mind, I'll try and get on with Maximo Park.

The Beautiful Car has had a clean bill of health by the lovely man at the garage and even got a wash by Beautiful Baby Daughter, all good.

This morning I phoned up to renew my car insurance and to fess up that I've got 3 points on my license for going through a red light. I was the only one amongst my friends that had a clean license and even at work too so I was a bit sad to get the points. I was even feckin sadder when they told me it would add another £26.40 to my premium and another £10 excess to my windscreen cover and £20 to my theft cover - Porquoi ? Why is my car more likely to be stolen because I have been christened an " ambler gambler " - because the computer said so.

I asked them to take my former spouse off my policy as he no longer drives my car, he actually very rarely did. The advisor told me to take him off ( even with his 6 feckin points for speeding) it would ADD £49.60 to my policy as you get a discount if you have a spouse !!!!!!!

Singletons of the world unite, that really is bang out of order.


Anonymous said...

An award awaits you when you return. If me can figure out how to get it on me blog. Me is useless with links. LOL

lisa q. said...

frickin' imsurance! it's ridiculous! have fun gwenie!!! :P

Anonymous said...

ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!!!!! They ADDED to yer premium because yer **stuttering and banging head** single??? That is total insanity is what me calls it. ME NERVES

Have a good week though. ;)