Tuesday 5 August 2008

Just another Saturday

I got the underground into Glasgow city centre to meet the Edge. I was the only one in the carriage. It was half past 2 in the afternoon and there on the seat in front of me was an empty bottle of Buckfast. How bad does your Saturday morning need to be to deserve a whole bottle of Buckfast ?

Anyway, I meets the Edge and we went to Starbucks, of course, I completely ripped him for his 4 shot extra hot Caramel Macciato, but being a lady I did refrain from commenting on his fully Pringled up attire, and we spent hours there just musing on our lives and people watching.

Who'd have thought you could have so much fun sober, with all your clothes on and without a funny shaped stick in your hand ?


Laura said...

Who ever had the buckfast must have been on there way to work for John Lewis lol

Squirmy Popple said...

Nice. I saw a bottle of Buckfast on the subway on Saturday and really wanted to take a picture of it but there were too many people in the carriage.

Anonymous said...

You missed out the bit about "jumping" me whilst astride the window seat in Starbucks... talk about extra hot!


auntiegwen said...

Laura _ I always thought that Jl employed a better cut of shop assistant

Katie - surely there can't have been 2 of them ?

Edge - you've been sniffing your scented candles again, anyway if that had happened in a Starbucks in Edinburgh, you would have had a crowd and it'd be written up in the arts review of The Scotsman.