Thursday 16 August 2007

You think you know people

Last night The beautiful Friend Christina came round. All good, 2 tubs of low fat pringles, low fat dip and a bottle of Kumala Rose. Snow Patrol and then Texas to listen to and a big gossip, lovely.

During our meandering chats I told her I was going to Borders on Friday to meet himself for lunch as he comes back from his holiday tonight. She asked why we didn t meet in MH as it would be nearer for him. I explained that there was no Starbucks there. She had a puzzled expression and said there were loads of places to get coffee. Yeah, but there's no Starbucks I persisted. Then she said to me - Is it really that good ? I've never been in one.........

I nearly fell off my sofa, how can she have got to the grand old age of 39 (sorry Chris) and never have been to a Starbucks. They are everywhere. Now I accept that I am disproportionately fond of Starbucks and I feel unfaithful if I get coffee from anywhere else, but come on, never, ever been to Starbucks, and she's even been to America. My little brain can't comprehend it.

I waxed on for a bit about about my venti skinny lattes and my caramel light frappucino's and the cinnamon swirls that are my particular vices. The blank expresion remained. I even called in Eldest Beautiful Daughter for validation, she explained about marshmallow twizzles and caramel cream frappucinos and the special mint hot chocolate at Christmas. Still Chris remained unmoved.

While I was explaining how last year I got so excited when they brought out the red christmas cups and the Gingerbread Lattes that I texted the Edge and he had to tell me to control myself as he'd made himself sick of the Toffee Nut lattes the year before, I noticed the expression on her face, she's looking at me in a kind of like never mind, you poor thing that obviously has no life type way. The way I look at people when they tell me their hobby is trainspotting or such like.

How could I have not noticed that she is the only one of my friends I have never been to Starbucks with, why haven't I noticed that ? Even my friend Sarah who doesn't even drink coffee comes with me there. I have favourite branches in different cities, I am actually quite sad. I think it's fair to say that Christina and I are a bit bemused by each other now.


lisa q. said... are sooooo funny! i completely understand...i often feel very deprived as the nearest Starbucks is an hour and a half away. it's a very sad thing really! :(

auntiegwen said...

You poor thing, I'll have an extra one on your behalf tomorrow although I am amazed anywhere in America is 90 minutes away from a starbucks !!!

Squirmy Popple said...

I hate going to Starbucks in Scotland, simply because all they've done is take the American prices and slap a pound sign in front of them. The mocha latte that cost me $3.29 in the States costs double that here.

auntiegwen said...

Katie, just think though when you go home to the good old us (and I love going to America)how cheap things will seem ! :)

Gwen said...

There's just too much choice in Glasgow. In Bothwell Street there is a Pret and a Starbucks within spitting distance of each other and numerous other copffee shops. I have been in most of them but you just have to try them all out don't you?