Sunday 12 August 2007

Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday Me - I am 40 feckin 1 today, Happy Birthday to himself who is 40 feckin 4 today and Happy Birthday to Red's Mom who is the baby of us all at 40.

I woke up to lots of giggles from Beautiful Baby Daughter and her 2 little friends Isobel and Joanna who were sleeping over, they made me a beautiful card, which opened back to front and had the world and it's granny stuck onto it, it also said Happy Birthday Mum with lots of love from Lucy, Izzy and Jo. Nice to know I have all these extra children isn't it ? I absolutely love these home made cards with all their excess, none of that less is more type stuff.

A lovely visit from my friend Jo with really thoughtful birthday gifts and another visit from my friend Christina again with well chosen gifts. Apparently I am really difficult to buy presents for, frankly I think I make it easy for people, I mean come on, I even put it on my blog what I'm after.

Lots of lovely emails and texts from friends near and far, cards, presents, flowers and cake from the people who love me, how good is that ? And do you know what, next year will be even better !!

Thank you to all the people who took time out of their life to celebrate with me. Like I always say I'm a lucky, lucky girl. Okay, a lucky, lucky getting on for middle aged woman - don't want to get caught out by the trades description act !!!


Helena said...

There is nothing more special than a card that has been personally made! Even more sentimental when it's from kids you can't remember having given birth to!

I'm glad you had a nice birthday, Gwen. With all those birthdays close together you could have a four day, birthday binge! I still can't make my mind up when middle age is suppose to hit us!!

Oh - and guess who found her charger, today...?

Anonymous said...

Hope the b/d was great. And yeah the homemade ones is always the best eh??

Glad ya had a good time. ;) ;)

Gwen said...

Wow another Gwen. Excellent. Glad you had a good birthday!



auntiegwen said...

Thanks Gwen

Is the world ready for 2 of us, I wonder ????

Gwen said...

I've not met that many other Gwens but I reckon that the world could do with a few of us.

Neil said...

*Ahem*... I've been down south / out a lot / trapped under something heavy... otherwise you would have gotten a personal greeting. Happy Birthday!!!

auntiegwen said...

Thanks, Edge, due to your foresight in texting me so much last week, I'll forgive you