Saturday, 17 March 2007

Big boys toys

Recently I've had to take some flack about my aren't men a bit silly type posts. I know someone who is fully expecting to be ripped apart by my disparaging comments and pithy wit about the hobbies they fessed up to last night. I threw back my head and laughed like a musketeer on hearing the full extent of his big boy little boy hobbies. Like I said, women just find them weird. Am I going to renounce you in print ?, not me, my mother always taught me not to mock the afflicted.


Helena said...

But you do have my e-mail address, Gwen....!*wink*

Anonymous said...

Um Gwen, me don't know about over in the U.K. but here in Canada most of are of the beleif: the bigger the boy, the more expensive their toys. Be they big trucks, fancy boats etc etc. And of course the ones that collect model cars, etc. The only difference between the little boy and his bigger boy types is how much them damn toys costs us. LOL. Nice blog btw. Me came to ya through someone whose found her way over to me site and me started reading her. Lena's very funny. So, girl is some of the stuff ya writes. Me is just trying to figure out if its Scotland {{must be}} or England {{maybe}} cuz ya ruled out Ireland in one of the earlier posts. Me ancestors came from all three countries..... rofl Makes for a wonderfully delightfully insane woman oh yeaaaa..

auntiegwen said...

Hi newfie's woman

I love Lena too !!

I'm Scottish but have loved in England for the last 7 years, my mum's Irish though so just like you I'm a good mixture, welcome aboard it's good to have you xx

Helena said...

Aaaaawwww girls - group hug?