Sunday, 11 March 2007

Mo Chridhe

As I start to write this at 10 36 pm March 11th 2007 , exactly 15 years ago at 10 36 pm on March 11th 1992 my beautiful eldest daughter was born. She was a much longed for baby and I was so enchanted with her, she was perfect in every way.
Now at 15 she has surpassed all my expectations for her, she is happy, kind, smart, funny and beautiful beyond measure. She is so full of life and has great friends who love her and she is just fabulous. I am extremely priviledged to be a part of her life and I enjoy each day with her, conscious now of the clock ticking down to when she will leave my nest to start out on her own. She is my delight and I love her more than I can ever express. She is my bright shining star and my heart, mo chridhe.

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